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    Re: first limited attempt heroic boss downed!

    Inb4 "ICC25hc is easy" comments.
    Quote Originally Posted by Culnar
    Sometimes people act like blizzard is their friend who betrayed them and now they're pissed!
    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpei View Post
    Actually the backlash from pandas is because alot of the people didn't grow up.

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    Re: first limited attempt heroic boss downed!

    gz 8)
    Quote Originally Posted by Synwyn View Post
    My first raiding guild, way back in Vanilla WoW - Kaywarrior was our DPS warrior. After a billion Nef kills, Ashkandi finally dropped. He jerked off on vent. Literally jerked off while keyed in. Best moment ever.

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    Re: first limited attempt heroic boss downed!

    Dear "People who complain that these encounters are too easy",

    There is not a lot to say to you. I apologize that this game isn't as hard as you believe it should be. No one on this forum, however, has the ability to make the encounter harder so a bunch of people who aren't you can't clear the content in less than a week. There are many challenging games that you could occupy your time with, if you truly feel that this game is no longer a challenge. While others may ask you to link your armory so you can back up your rage with proof that you have actually completed it, I merely ask that you reevaluate your priorities.

    PS: There's still time between the top guilds clearing it, and your guild clearing it. The encounter is not set in stone, and buffs/nerfs may always be made.

    Dear "People who complain that people complain that these encounters are too easy",

    You must understand by now, that the majority of people who claim this game is too easy do in fact remember a time where it was allegedly harder. Harder, to the point where if you didn't already have every member of the raid geared with the loot that drops from Boss A, you have very little chance of being able to kill Boss B. However, that was proven to be a frustrating design, and now we are left this current implementation, where it is acceptable to power through 13 bosses in a day, even when three of them weren't even on farm until the day it was released. Please forgive the people who complain. In their minds, every boss should be an epic, noteworthy encounter that is worthy of a few weeks of wiping. To see the newest fight in the game fail to achieve the title of 'hardest fight in the game' is a sad day in the hearts of everyone hoping for epicness.

    While we are on the subject, a substantial amount of players question if Blizzard even knows what makes a fight, boss, zone, or even an item, truly 'epic'.

    The Battle of Helm's Deep was epic.
    - Arthas killing one newly introduced lore character, after finding out he didn't even kill the last lore character he was accused of slaying (Muradin lived), and allegedly torturing a stand-in-leader until he became lava? Sub-epic, at least in comparison to to Kil'Jaeden ripping his way through the remains of the Sunwell, ready to send the world into an eternity of torment.

    Getting a high five from a sanctified polar bear who's just mauled the Orphanage of the Damned, then riding him into the sunset is epic.
    - This is sub-epic/just a rock on a stick, at least compared to the bladed eye of an unknown demon, it is.

    Please try to forgive your peers for feeling this game is lacking. They occasionally have a point. Claiming the game is perfect the way it is, when perfection is a matter of previous experience and personal opinion, leaves a lot of people doubting your statement.


    PS: Grats on Blood Queen.

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    Re: first limited attempt heroic boss downed!

    A proud day for EU that one! It's good to see new faces on a first kill!
    Keep it up! And congrats!! ;D

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    Re: first limited attempt heroic boss downed!

    H: Sindragosa (25) Feb 11, 2010 15:05 1 1 1 3000.00 / 3000.00

    Paragon has downed Sindragosa now

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    Re: first limited attempt heroic boss downed!

    Экзорсус Just have Lich king left on 10 man HC now :O

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