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    A animated video about video games and the impact on life.

    Title pretty much says it all. Its a great video about an ex-gamer.


    Personally it had an impact on me.
    FYI I'm not here to judge or give you a moral speech.

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    Re: A animated video about video games and the impact on life.

    "beyond making you feel good, they have no lasting value"

    As far as I'm concerned, the *entire point* of life is to feel good. Video games aren't drugs. They don't contain harmful chemicals or carcinogens. They are for entertainment. This man in the video has yet to realize that video games aren't to blame for his unhappiness. If something other than video games makes you happier than gaming, that doesn't mean video games are bad or evil. It means he chose the wrong hobby, or prioritized gaming over something else that made him happier.

    All this talk of "All those lost years I could have spent with friends, creating art, or being a better husband". He's basically campaigning to everyone that living up to the social norm is better than doing what you want. Didn't you have FUN during those years? You can't say you didn't, so 3 decades of fun is entirely worth it. You spent the first 30 years of your ~80 having so much fun. That's almost half of your time. I fail to see what's wrong with that. I've spent around 20 years gaming, and am perfectly fine with it. I've enjoyed every moment of it, and would never regret enjoying something enough to want to play it all day.

    See, His problem was not with the video games. It was with his time management. He's telling people to abandon all entertainment, when he should be advising them to keep the amount of time they spend in check. His solution was to give up. He gave up trying to balance fun free-time gaming with his real life, when he could have learned to balance the time he games with real life. Then he wouldn't be speaking about how video games are bad for your social life. He'd be telling all his friends how he played an awesome game after he got off of work last week.

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