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    Need help with gearing

    Whats the best parts of tier 10 to get for shadow priest to do the most dps?

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    Re: Need help with gearing

    I think most are offsetting the pants and going 4pc, i heal mostly though so I really couldnt say. Assuming hit cap the gloves and the legs would be first on the chopping block.

    edit: theyre getting the crafted legs is what i ment.

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    Re: Need help with gearing

    Head / Chest / Shoulders / Gloves r10
    Leggings of Woven Death

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    Re: Need help with gearing

    Most are offsetting the pants... personally i'm not.

    Reason being is that when you compare hit effeciency of the pants vs the hands for 264 iLvl gear they are just about identical. When you compare hit effeciency against 277 iLvl gear the pants are far better.

    In addition to that the best hands are only 60 emblems, the crafting pants are 10K worth of materials or 170 odd emblems + the cost of the cloth. I just don't see the cost effectiveness in offsetting the pants...

    In summary you choose the Head, Shoulders and Chest as a no brainer and then you make a decision about using the pants or hands. Neither is wrong, you'll end up with a gear set roughly the same, I believe using the pants is better particularly if you'll see some hard mode content... and even if you don't the loss in PP using the pants works out the same as the hands for the amount of hit you recieve on each item.

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    Re: Need help with gearing

    I planned on off setting pants with the fester 10 pants until i get crafted. However, if the pants drop from VOA (especially 264), being the only Spriest in the guild I would prolly stick with them and save myself the trouble of finding hit LOL.

    If i got the 180 emblems and the pants haven't dropped for me then i'll get crafted, other wise i'll go with what drops.

    Besides i could really use the gold from selling the saronite since i have nothing else to get with emblems.

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