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    Team Fortress 2

    What are your thought on this game?
    I personally , prefer to play with the Scout or Soldier.

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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    I pwn much as Heavy and Pyro, and sniper. Soldier and Scout is not in my taste at all
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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    Heavy for me. Nothing funner than a mini-gun.

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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    Well , imo Pyro is OP at melee range.

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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    I prefer to fake deaths as spah, but I usually play medic in matches.

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    Well , imo Pyro is OP at melee range.
    Well duh, if a class only works at melee it should be damn good at it.
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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    I prefer playing as Pyro or Engineer.

    I haven't played in months, though.

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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    "hubba hubba ha" -pyro

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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    Depends on enemy setup.
    Lots of Engineers-Soldier
    Normal setup-Medic
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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    Medic and Engineer here

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    Re: Team Fortress 2

    Demoman is my favorite.
    It's not to far away from the action like a Sniper, and not all up in their faces like Pyros, but something in between.
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