View Poll Results: Which Zelda game is the best?

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  • Zelda - Ocarina of Time

    31 55.36%
  • Zelda - The Legend of Zelda

    2 3.57%
  • Zelda - Twilight Princess

    5 8.93%
  • Zelda - Majorna's Mask

    4 7.14%
  • Zelda - A Link to the Past

    9 16.07%
  • Zelda - Wind Waker

    5 8.93%

Thread: Zelda

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    Which do you think is the best? ???

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    Re: Zelda

    Windwaker. Put it on the list !

    EDIT: Thanks for adding!
    Gotta say it was the best one, even though it looks so childish the story is so amazing as well as the open gameplay and the music.

    I lost my copy though, and sometimes when I want to play it again I can't

    I also liked Twilight Princess (played it on Wii), except the way you struck your sword with the wii remote didn't really do it for me.
    Also liked Ocarina of Time, haven't played the rest (except for two gameboy advance ones which I can't remember the name of).
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    Re: Zelda

    Quote Originally Posted by Chronicle
    Windwaker. Put it on the list !
    ADDED :-*

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    Re: Zelda

    Zelda Gameboy Ones:
    Link's Awakening... I think.... Yeah I'm Right

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    Re: Zelda

    A link to the past is my favorite, and Ocarina is very close. Nothing beats Dark World in Alttp. That music is epic
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    Re: Zelda

    A Link to the Past is on the Poll?

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    Re: Zelda

    Never mind my incompetence, I've just written 2 pages about video game history, I'm tired

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    Re: Zelda

    Ocarina of Time for sure for me. First and best console rpg I've ever played, beat it again like every summer for 5 years after getting it, so much nostalgia.

    Twilight Princess was also fun, but being so much older while playing it made it lose some of it's novelty/challenge. Wind waker graphics were too much of a turnoff for me, never got past the spirit temple

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    Re: Zelda

    Ocarina of Time for sure. It's not just an awesome game it (together with mario 64) was a revolution to the game industry. To infact be able to go where you want whenever you want, in 3d was an awesome step. Together with the depth of the story and the big world it has all the little things that a really good adventure game should have.

    Second, I have to say A link to the past. Just for old times sake.
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    Re: Zelda

    ocarina of time hands down =) great storyline, i hope they remake it one day with better graphics and that is all=P

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    Re: Zelda

    Majora's mask is my personal fave, OOT was amazing, I can't deny, but MM had a lot more bulk to it, slightly harder puzzles, infinite replayability (OOT had this too, but not on the same scale), and mask collecting was increadibly fun and challenging at times
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    Re: Zelda

    I'm torn between OOT of TP. They both have great elements... but I decided on OOT purely for nostalgia.

    I had a love-hate with the gameboy games. They would piss me off to no end as a little kid, but yet I could never stop playing them.

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    Re: Zelda

    Ocarina of Time easily wins hands down over all the zeldas, the others just dont have the same feeling of epic battles and long quests.

    i myself also really enjoyed wind waker, the combat system was one of the best in all of the zeldas, travel occasionally got boring but overall it is the closest to the epic feeling and scale of ocarina of time.

    Majoras mask has caused some arguments between me and my friends as 2 of tem love it and 2 of us hate it, bad points for me was the time period and after getting 90% way through a dungeon and then having to start it all again was so frustrating i could have topped myself. but the others like the mask thing, which brings me to the masks made it to damn easy if you had them all at the final boss.

    all the others hold there own in the series, save links crossbow training =( lame

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    Re: Zelda

    What, no Zelda II: The Adventures of Link?

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    Re: Zelda

    Quote Originally Posted by Mcstab
    ocarina of time hands down =) great storyline, i hope they remake it one day with better graphics and that is all=P
    O M F G! I'd love if they done this, as this is my favourite Zelda game for many reasons.
    Here is three:
    1. The music
    2. The story

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    Re: Zelda


    There, I said it.
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    Re: Zelda

    I'm torn between Ocarina of time and Link to the past.
    I'd vote OOT

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    Re: Zelda

    1.Oracarina of Time
    2.Wind Waker
    3.Majora's Mask
    4.Twilight Princess
    5.Phantom Hourglass

    What can i say i love the Cartoon link as much as the classic N64 Link
    Twilight Princess was a good title aswell but am eagerly waiting the next one
    Frankly how many Links are there now?
    Wasnt there a Discussion that do to Orcarina of Time that the Timeline was split in two one for Twilight Princess and Wind Waker?

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    Re: Zelda

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverfang
    Wasnt there a Discussion that do to Orcarina of Time that the Timeline was split in two one for Twilight Princess and Wind Waker?
    Why does it have to be a time line? Am I missing a memo from Nintendo...? I just view Legend of Zelda like the FF series... unless some how those are all interrelated. ???

    But to answer your question, from what I've heard, the time line is supposed to split into separate branches after OOT. Saw this video on youtube a couple years ago that tried to connect them all together, but I can't find it :-\

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