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    Mass Effect 2

    Seriously, Not one thread about this wonderful game?

    Finished it this evening, and found it to be one of the best games I have played in a long time. Really amazing cohesive story(which i won't ruin if anyone is playing it.

    So, anyone else playing this, what do you think so far. And try not to bring up any spoilers(note to admin, we need /spoiler tags dammit.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2

    There's been threads and they're gone now. Search Feature on the top tabs help.

    Its a great game, cant wait until Mass Effect 3.

    I do admit... and I am probably the only one of a few in the world... who actually misses the Mako. Sure it didn't seem real how it drove up vertical cliffs. But dammit, it was a Tank, and tanks say more than a Rocket Launcher ever could.

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    Re: Mass Effect Question

    Well, I did when I was playing (maxed it) and found it to be quite useful. But then again, I see it from a strict RPG point of view, I AM my character, and his actions are my actions. Since I'm generally a good guy, I also want my character to be a good guy.

    From a "stats" point of view, I honestly can't remember if Renegade/Paragon gave you any specific feats, I'd have to replay the game to figure that one out, but I'm all over ME2 atm.
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    Re: Mass Effect 2

    Since you can take your character with you from ME1 to the second I would defenitly recomend you to put some points into it, because the decissions you make in the first reflects your story (not much) in the second.

    There are a specifik number of Renegade/Paragon point trough the game, and if you're allways pollite and nice to everybody you're gonna wind up with paragon points. But to get many points you need to play trough a big part of the game.

    An advice though that i noticed. If you're being all nice, only go for charm.
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    Re: Mass Effect Question

    Quote Originally Posted by LoLNooB
    Hello guys

    So I got interested in Mass Effect 2, but I didn't play Mass Effect. so i decided to play Mass Effect just for the story and experience the original game before i play Mass Effect2.

    anyways, i have a question. should i invest points in Charm or Intimidate asap ?? to unlock conversation options in assignments in the citadel to get paragon points.

    Also what exactly does paragon/renegade points do ??

    Believe me when i say that i did my research before i started to post here so don't say Google is your friend, also i am planning to play this game once, i know I get charm/Intimidate points when competing the game several times.
    tl;dr question :

    Is it worth spending points in either charm/Intimidate ? Keeping in mind i am only gona play this game once.

    It gives you a deeper control over the story, so if you're really into that sort of thing, then charm and intimidate are a must. Also, if you don't want Wrex to be killed, definately invest in either one.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2

    What I did for ME was create two characters, one full paragon and the other full renegade so when you transfer them over you keep following the path and you get both sides of the game. When you start out pull all your points in either Charm/Intimidate than finish the game.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2

    Garrus/Tali <3

    ME1/2 have got to be the best games I've played in a very long time

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    Re: Mass Effect Question

    Quote Originally Posted by LoLNooB
    [size=10pt]tl;dr question :

    Is it worth spending points in either charm/Intimidate ? Keeping in mind i am only gona play this game once.
    Charm if you have a good Shepard. Intimidate if you have a bad Shepard. Both if your neutral.

    I put points into both and only used Charm on my good Shepard, but there was one moment in the game that I could recall that having both helped, but it didn't really do anything.

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