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    Re: Does ANYONE actually enjoy Rick Astley?

    I dont mind the over used song but it does get rather anoying when you try to look something up and you get rickroll'ed with in the vid description some guy who thinks hes funny (it was funny when it first happened not so much after alot of times)

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    Re: Does ANYONE actually enjoy Rick Astley?

    Not gonna lie. i love 80's music. I don't think i really understood it when i got rickrolled the first time it happened to me. I was just like "cool.... time to see some WoTLK Alpha Models.... loading....loading.... OH MAN I LOVE THIS SONG!"

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    Re: Does ANYONE actually enjoy Rick Astley?

    Massive 80s fan. So yes, I like him and I knew every word to the song before rick rolling was popularised. ;D

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    Re: Does ANYONE actually enjoy Rick Astley?

    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamima
    This is funny cos my mother is mates with his sister, no joke.
    Really? My mom is a good friend of his sister too, no joke.

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    Re: Does ANYONE actually enjoy Rick Astley?

    What can I say? He's a catchy nubcake
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    Re: Does ANYONE actually enjoy Rick Astley?

    best mashup ever(yes it's the rickroll song form rick) and yes, i know it's a weird combo, but it sounds DAMN GOOD :O even the brids outside my window are singign along :O
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    Re: Does ANYONE actually enjoy Rick Astley?

    A lot of his music is ridiculously catchy and I've grown a fancy to him over years of very casually listening to his music.

    And about the RickRolls, I hardly mind any more. Even if it's an obvious RickRoll, I'll still click it. Because at the end of those minutes I feel like I just heard a good song, not like I just got tricked.

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