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    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 1, Tiberian sun. Now officially free.



    If the last topic i posted wasn't enough. EA has decided to add both Red Alert 1, and Tiberian Sun into the roster of free games. Most likely to Celebrate the impending release of the final game, Command and Conquer 4.

    Tiberian Sun + Firestorm weighs 1.23 GB, and Red Alert 1 Weighs about 500MB per, which leads me to believe they both have everything (including the Full Motion Videos).

    Anywho. That's not one, not two, but THREE full free games for you to try out. Welcome to the series that helped popularize Real Time Strategy games.


    Here are the instructions on how to install them.

    NOTE: There was an old topic under this section containing a modified Command and Conquer 95. May i suggest playing that one instead of the one provided here, because it contains important fixes, the mission expansion, and once exclusive missions that were found only under N64 or PsX.

    DOUBLE NOTE:And to any hipster who puts blind hate on the series merely because the new ones have the EA tag in it, please note that these three games were developed when Westwood Studios was alive and kicking. As such, please shift blame on titles like Generals or Red Alert 3, and not on the successful ones. Thanks.
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    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    Re: Command and Conquer: Red Alert 1, Tiberian sun. Now officially free.

    Awesome! Those games were my childhood. Thank you for this. ;D

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