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    I Wanna be the Tribute - My own game, need feedback

    Hello there guys,

    many of you probably have heard of I Wanna be the Guy, or played it
    if not, you should try it, http://kayin.pyoko.org/iwbtg/

    but this is not about that game, it's about mine. as a lover for these kind of "hardcore" games, I created a fangame based on the original, to add a lot of stuff for those who enjoyed playing through it.

    the name is I Wanna be the Tribute, and the game is made to be hard. very hard. close to impossible, and as frustrating as you can imagine. everything kills you, everywhere there's a trap, you'll be surprised and will be pissed off, but it's worth it

    as you learn the traps, you'll learn how to avoid them and proceed to the next room, where more stuff is waiting to kill you

    also, everything is based on classic games, from the music to the graphics, enemies and traps, you'll probably recognize many of them, which give a nostalgic feel to the game

    the game is still a little raw, many bugs and problems to be found, but it's playable. has 6 areas, 6 bosses and 4 secrets

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?l0gzm2dmjyz

    well, if you think WoW is too easy, try that, it will make you wish I nerfed it like blizz does to WoW

    any feedback, suggestions, bug reports, whatever, everything is welcome

    Dear developers,

    please nerf Rock, it's too overpowered. Paper is fine, however.
    Signed, Scissors.

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    Re: I Wanna be the Tribute - My own game, need feedback

    Omg nerf it...
    But it's a lot of fun!

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