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    Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    Ok, we've all heard the stories about your horrible pug dps, the tank that can't hold aggro, the healer that can't heal, the jerks that pull instances then ninja bubblehearth and all those terrible stories.

    But what really makes you smile? What are the people that brighten up your day when you see them in pugs, even if you can't remember their name afterwards, that makes you remember them from the time you run SFK to the time you're 80 doing hardmode ICC? Feel free to post yours after mine, I just wanted to make my own first.

    You made me smile, happy, competent tree who urged me to pull more mobs because "I believe in you, Mister Troll Warrior!" and kept me up through pulling every single mob in Blackrock depths at once. You know what heals to cast and where to cast them, and actually talked through every second of a PuG with funny comments. We liked you so much, that we kept you for 3 more instance runs before you finally had to go eat food and we had to go do ICC, even though we would've just rather played all night with you instead.

    Little Undead warrior tank in SFK wearing a Spirit shield and a 5 dps white mace, you put a grin on my face as you fearlessly charged into mobs and held aggro, despite flailing dps hitting the wrong targets the entire instance. We looked at your pitifully undergeared self, cried a little inside until we saw what you could do, as you shocked us all by being the best pug tank we'd ever seen, and wearing the worst things in the world possible to do it with.

    When you freaked out every single time my girlfriend's speaknsay went off on a nightfall proc, you made both of us laugh forever, since you typed IN ALL CAPS OMG THATS SO CREEPY as if you were literally afraid her warlock was going to jump through the screen and devour your heart whole. At first we thought you were joking, but it only caused more laughter when we figured out you were deadly serious, and actually fearing for your life.

    Showoff mage that frost novaed everything in place, did more damage than anyone else and generally bounced around looking like you had a grand old time in the instance, yet managed to move it faster than anyone else could've, you make me happy. Proof you don't have to just stand still and channel your aoe spell to have fun in the instance, you're definitely living proof of that.

    Cute little Tauren druid in Maraudon who is admiring all the animals and RPing with them as they try to give us a dirtnap, you make my cheeks curl up in a groovy grin. With phrases like "What a pretty flower.. OH! Get away!" to "Mrrawrrr rrrawrrrr!" in catform, i couldn't keep a straight face tanking anything as long as you were there. Sure, you didn't really do much damage, but you could've actually been healing the mobs and I still would've loved to have you in the group.

    Triple druid combo in hellfire who channeled 2 hurricanes and a tranquility at the same time, I will still remember the 8 seconds of electric storms and lights for the rest of my days.

    Level 10 rogue who came with me to the flag room in warsong gulch and tried so hard to remain unseen, you STILL managed to ambush a level 17 shaman who i helped you kill. You were so cute as I watched you whisper me "I'm going to get Bankertank" and "I'm coming to help you, wait up!" as you walked so unstealthily across mid field. The heart you put into what you were doing was great.

    Little priest who was always "So Happy ^_^" no matter what happened, even though you lost 2 rolls on stuff you could've used, you were still gracious in defeat and kept your spirits high, congratulating the people who, even though they were less useful than you and didn't really need the gear, got it anyways instead of you. You were obviously just having a blast playing the game and that brightens up everyone's day.

    The rogue who just tried so hard in ramparts to sap everything he possibly could, even though the paladin tank deliberately stepped on it, mowed it down, and smashed sap every time he could. You still sprinted ahead to sap targets before the tank got to them, and made it a point to be stealthed and at the target before the pull was gone. Sap practice aside, the sheer determination in the face of something that was obviously rendered futile by the tanks was great to see.

    And finally, druid that switched to bear form because you "wanted to help tank" in SFK, you are so cute I just wanted to pinch your cheeks. Our tank obviously didn't need help and you weren't really doing damage anyways, but no mobs ever went anywhere because you taunted them back onto you if the tank ever lost any. Besides, it was awesome just seeing you maul.

    Not all things in pugs are bad, and you generally knock the bad ones before the good. So list a few goods, willya?
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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    The DK who was geming intelect because he wanted to be smart. Even though he was less dps than the tank and the group was a fail he still stayed to the end and never complaint about silly wipes, when i /w'd sugesting to regem he was so happy about the advice that he lightened my day xD.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    the groups that pull and annihilate stuff SO FAST that i don't have time to build up 1 combo point for slice and dice. THAT is awesome, and has happened.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    The most positive PuG experience I had in a long time was when I wanted to do a random heroic on my paladin alt.
    The dungeon that came up was heroic halls of reflection. We had a druid tank with only 37k HP buffed.

    I was thinking for sure it was going to be a wipe, but then I cane to rely on some old instincts I forgot existed.
    I started to use CCs, Repentance ranged mobs, our priest healer shackled, and a hunter DPS would trap, if needed I also feared.
    We only had 1 wipe but apart from that it went terrific and it was incredible fun, the feeling of teaming up with perfect strangers and yet finding such good synergy to down what people consider to be such a hard dungeon was just awesome.

    I think H HoR was always ment to be done with a bit of CC to ease it a bit, its just too many people fail at it now a days, it doesn't even cross their minds they have CC in PVE.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    Oh Mr. Unknown DK in a nexus normal. You helped coach me on my very first try at tanking Giving me steps and guidance all the way, even death gripping the adds I so poorly lost aggro on.

    You were an inspiration
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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    On my Demo Lock, healers usually show me some warm fuzzies. However, the other day a Tree told me I had priority over the tank.

    On my seventy-something DK, I try to be the good DK and use all my all my means to help the tank with caster mobs. Usually goes unnoticed, but the other day I got thanked for it.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    On my healer i love nothing more then a 30K hp tank with more skill then half the 55khp tanks combined can pull half the instance at once, without loosing any aggro, and alowing me to use more then prayer of mending, and renew.

    And when I'm tanking those (incredibly) rare times when the dps actually does more damage then I do!

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    To OP: I salute you, dear Sir! A very nice read

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    If you have been in a random pug and have assisted me in storming the dungeon, being sure to finish it before the 15 minute debuff is gone, you have helped make me happy.

    I take it as a personal challenge to not only finish before the random debuff wears off, but to down each boss whilst doing so.

    So far, I have done UP, UK, AN (of course), and Gundrak (by about 4 seconds lol).

    Oh, and the fresh tanks with 30k buffed who fearlessly run into group after group, chain pulling CORRECTLY mind you, you make me happy.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    I did an H Nexus once where the DPS was so high and the tank was so great, we cut through pretty much everything like butter. The bosses... we didn't notice downing the horde general guy until loot came up, the mage died before DBM could pick up that we engaged her (and we got the split personality achievement), and halfway through the healer got so bored he put on a pretty pink dress and a hallowed helm.

    Absolutely stunning.

    That being said, i usually think of any successful pug where group chemistry works well, as a positive one that makes me smile. I sort of hate how the dungeon system is now multi-server but there's no way to get in touch with them to do another later.

    Course, then I remember the times when the tank goes ahead and pulls Anub while the healer is still mana-ing up from the trash before him.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    I've a few. Best one was with a DPS who was blowing everyone else out of the water, doing everything right, even CCing and buffing. We got through two bosses, all 4 of us talking. A couple offhand comments about the rogue not talking along the way and finally before we get to the second to last boss, one of the group actually stopped and said "I bet he's just a gold farmer, LOL", immediately followed by the rogue saying "Ni hao!" and not saying another word after. We almost wiped because we were all still laughing too hard to pay attention.
    There was one time where it was me, three other DKs and a healer. I don't remember the instance, I just remember the hilarity of 4 AODs popping up at the same time and almost killing the boss with 4 armies alone.
    And of course, everyone's had the experience of 5 DKs at lvl 60 doing Ramps without a healer. No wipes, no deaths, just a scary run with a bunch of DKs decked out in starter blues crushing the place.
    I've had some that were funny because they were so stupid. Me pally healing, a lock, a priest, a shaman and a druid tank. The lock stones himself and wonders why we're confused. Normally would be angry, but the situation was just too funny.
    And of course, I'm sure everyone's experienced "self-summoning". You've been standing next to the stone with someone the entire time, summons are going out, and near the end, you suddenly see the confirmation box to be summoned... to where you are.

    Oh, and while it wasn't a pug (guild run), we had one of the funniest portal/summon incidents I've ever seen. Everyone's exhausted, there's a lock stone down for Anub in ToC 25, we've got a party member already in Dal to fill one more spot because someone had to leave. I'm the lock. I see someone standing near the stone pop open a summoning portal. I click it to help out and find myself thrown to the loading screen then in Dal. A few seconds later, a guildie pops up next to me, then a third. The three of us had all clicked on the mage portal to Dal, not the summoning stone portal. Took a few minutes for anyone to stop laughing enough to actually talk in vent.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    got [Less-Rabi] in a pug and we where not even trying ;D

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    I smile a little inside every time my pug completes a dungeon and all the participants are well aware that it's just a fucking game, no one is moaning, bitching or ordering others around, everyone does their job as best as they can and we simply get it done nice and smooth, with a simple "hi/hello" at the start, and "lovely run/thanks/take care" at the end. Makes my day.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    The little priest who could. You were just so cheerful and helpful, letting us know you were oom constantly from trying so hard to keep us alive. You passed on everything, and were just so darn cute the people who won your upgrades gave them to you. You actually valued my advice too, and took it to heart. Newbies who really try are cute. =P

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    Currently levelling a Resto Shaman through dungeons.

    I love it when dps helps me out if I get aggro.
    I love it when tanks keep aggro on all mobs (not just the first one they tab-target).
    I love tanks that taunt stray mobs before anyone realises they have aggro.
    I love hybrids who pick up the bat and start tanking/healing if the tank/healer dies.

    Things like these are(or should be) standard in heroics are very nice surprises when levelling through the dungeon-finder

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    A month or so ago I was gearing up a tank alt, so naturally I was running ToC normal over and over again for the stamina trinket. Each run I'm kinda nervous about it dropping and some asshole dps needing on it. I think it takes about 15 runs before I see it drop. And surprise surprise, the dps warrior (that had done about 30% of my total dmg) needs on it and I'm about to nerdrage. Then the paladin healer needs on it, and I just sigh internally. Then I do my roll, and loses it to the paladin healer.

    Seconds after the paladin healer opens a trade window and gives me the trinket, saying in chat "I hate when dps rolls on tank loot". Dps warrior says "lol" and leaves.

    I'm sitting there with a smile on my face for the rest of the evening.

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    Quote Originally Posted by Beace
    Seconds after the paladin healer opens a trade window and gives me the trinket, saying in chat "I hate when dps rolls on tank loot". Dps warrior says "lol" and leaves.

    I'm sitting there with a smile on my face for the rest of the evening.
    Bet that warrior is posting on the "worst pugs ever" thread that's going on.
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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    Awe you brave group from the Cyclone battlegroup EU, we prevail from the terrible Raid level boss Lagatron the destroyers of Modems, even in the face of certain wipes we bested him in him tricky games of looting lag, of fighting the boss alone because in everyone else client he had died already (although it was surreal for the healer to heal after we have downed something). If not for your witty remarks i will have had gone insane (and now the good way that grants an achievement, the one that starts to curse in abysmal and breaking keyboards in the monitor). Thank you from the bottom of my heart you manage to give me one of the most fun and memorable run through an lag infested dungeon, i will be always in your debt(although i can't remember your names it was an Utgarde Keep run).

    sorry for the butchering of the English language, it is not my native language, and i am currently learning...

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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    Just had this one earlier today, leery about saying his name even as a good thing, but did everything wonderfully, even when he didn't have to. Even though it was just H-Gundrak, he Misdirected onto our slightly patchily-geared tank every 30 seconds like clockwork, pulled mobs off of the shaman (healing) that she missed, then trapping them right next to her and hitting Feign Death, made sure to Disengage out of every single little pool on the floor, despite the shaman keeping everyone at full easily, used his wolf pet to taunt the Colossus every phase just so it wouldn't come after everyone else even for one second, and basically put forth a lot of effort into some random dungeon with complete strangers to make sure it got done smoothly and effortlessly. Puts the word "huntard" to complete shame.

    I don't know if you read these forums, but a huge shout out to you, unnamed Survival tauren hunter on the Shattered Hand server. I know the warlock emoting "/thank" and saying in party, "I <3 hunters who MD " was some random guy you'll probably never see again, but I thank you, and my poor woman trying to tank with 1300 buffed strength on her poor Protection offspec pally thanks you. You have officially restored our faith in PuGs.
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    Re: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?

    Had one yesterday, forgot to sign for an Icecrown citadel guild run so me and a few of the officers alts pugged a run, we convinced the entire pug to get on ventrilo, as me and one of the alts laid out the tactics for each boss step by step, with everyone listening just as in a guild run. It was brilliant, every boss went down without trouble, we downed the lower spire, and went on to 2 shot festergut (with a PUG on our server, thats a real achievement). After the run I made an event on the calender and invited them all back tommorow to try Rotface!

    Everyone was nice, there were no loot troubles, ventrilo was used well, people listened, dps was high, healing was high. Best PuG ever!

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