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    Rate the fun of your warlock


    I hear a lot of good things about warlocks and their community. I've played basically everything (warlocks aswell), and think I will remake a warlock and 'main' it come patch 4.0. I'm pretty sure I will really.

    How fun do you find you warlock compared to other classes? Both PvP and PvE. Why?


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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    I'd say a 7/10 in PVP and 9/10 PVE. I'd give it a 10 for PVE, but can't because while I don't enjoy them anymore due mainly to 2.0, or 3.0 changes, I miss my Warrior tank (TBC) and Rogue (vanilla) and their playstyles. For PVP? I dunno. I liked vanilla-TBC PVP itself too much to enjoy anything in PVP in Wrath. They sped up PVP too much and a lot of the finesse has gone out the door in favor of brute force. They keep trying to bring it back with Resil and it's not working, hopefully 4.0 will bring things back down to earth. Right now DPS and healing are both about twice as high as they ought to be for my taste.

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    Affliction lock = most fun to play if you like (relatively) complicated play

    Of course, nothing in WoW is complicated compared to FF Tactics or chess or something. But compared to the Arcane Mage or the ret pally? I like things that are complicated because they keep me busy, the busier I am, the less I'm thinking about how bored I am deep down inside. o.O

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    Personally, the only fun PVE role to play is a healer... dps is just mind numbing rotations, the same thing over and over and over... tanking is only exciting the first 5-10 seconds of the fight untill you get ahead on threat then u just coast, but healing is always different... aoe damage, undergeared tanks, stupid dps standing in things they shouldn't etc...

    PvP wise locks are pretty fun... like any other class, there will be classes you always beat and classes you never beat... like on my lock I don't think I've ever beat a warrior 1v1, enh shamans are another, smart mages are very challenging... but I can rape a pally even when he bubbles, heals, and blows lay on hands, hunters are another easy kill for me, I especially love the ones that try to stay at max range, just dot them up then teleport back out of there range and run from them untill they die, makes me lol every time... My lock is by far my favorite healer killer tho... strategically timed fears + silences on top of the mana drain for the pesky ones, they go down pretty quickly.

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    For PvE I'd say 9/10. I love the amount of damage the warlock class can do, not to mention the types of spells and vastly different trees. The only reason I wouldn't give it a 10 for PvE is b/c of the crutches we need to keep competitive dps. ex: I need to time pre-combot pots, rolling crit (from NMIC), and during combat pots to even come close to a rouge's dps. Potions are understandable, but you take away NMIC and our dps falls pretty hard... would prefer not to rely on a trinket so much (while said to not be an exploit, we all know it isn't working 100% correctly).

    For PvP I'd say 7/10. Survivability is great, multiple options for PvP style, but I just started to PvP again so my rating is pending atm.

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    Leveling, gearing, and learning to play a warlock: 11/10
    Extremely fun to play, you feel overpowered and can feel the difference as you gain gear.

    Actually playing a warlock long term: 6/10
    Difficult to maximize your dps due to a slightly complex rotation. Too much crossover between being completely OP in PVP while not doing enough damage to feel equal to mages in PVE. A buff to one usually completely breaks the other. In essence, one of the hardest classes to balance in WoW.

    PVP: 3/10
    If you don't play perfectly, every time, you lose. And even if you do play perfectly, you still might lose. BG's are awesome until the opposing team realizes you know how to play. Then it's just like arena - you're dead in 10 seconds or barely surviving instead of killing people.

    Edit: I don't regret picking a warlock. You will learn more about the game as this class than as a Hunter or Mage due to the multiple ways to play it. It's nice to have options (Mages: Cast White, Red, or Blue spells, Hunters: Shoot Good with a useless pet or Shoot Bad with an overpowered pet). If I had to start all over again my Warlock would be an alt while I stuck to a melee class (I really dislike spell travel time)

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    I thought Destro was fun until I tried out Demo in PvE for the first time a few weeks ago.

    I really enjoy Demo more now, and I think it gives higher numbers too
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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock


    Im Kingslayer one week later than I should but still \o/
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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    Levelling : 10/10. Levelled 4 characters, warlock must be the best.
    Gearing, learning the class and raiding : 8/10. Not the best fun out there, but it's still cool. Decent dps, bringing some nice tools like healthstones, soulstones, and portal.
    PvP : 10/10. I've always been a pvp-orientated player, with all my characters. I play since vanilla, got my Justicar title, and onward to "of the Alliance." I must say, the burst of destro in vanilla, the SL/SL (or even Destro shadowfury), and recently the chaos bolt / haunt specs, must be the most entertaining specs for me. Yes, rogues and warriors piss you off, make you throw your keyboard out of the window, and smash your cat in the face, but for some reason, it stays fun. But, that's the way my cookie crumbles!

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    Eh, the warlock has always been kind of a 'schizophrenic' class.

    I say play it if you enjoy it, but don't expect it to always be easy or the best.

    Your comments are duly noted and ignored.
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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    Quote Originally Posted by Screwtape
    don't expect it to always be easy or the best.
    Yeah, with how Blizzard has the game now, locks rarely go places on the damage meters even if their skill is equal / surpassing a majority of the melee classes.
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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    I've tried out all 3 specs as I leveled my lock in outland. At lv 70, I'll rate them so far

    Affliction: 9/10 (most fun dps i've ever had between ret paly, all 3 hunter specs and all 3 dk specs; only dps spec I can think of where you could jump around like a fool and still top dps charts)
    Demo: 6/10 (felguard and Illidan mode are fun, but the play style is kinda boring)
    Destro: 8/10 (love the crits and fun rotation)
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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock


    leveling: 9.5/10
    pvp: 7/10
    pve: 8/10


    leveling: n/a
    pvp: 6/10 (melee rapes us)
    pve: 6/10 (probably still lowest of pures)

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    I really love affliction in pve. Although I still think we need some more love from Blizz.
    Destro.. I hate it. For some reason I cannot get consistent with it. Maybe its because Im so used to juggling 5 dots and its just to simple for me to comprehend.. I don't know.
    Demo.. Its ok. I used to love Demo/ember back in the Nax days but now its just ehh.

    I used to do nothing but PVP but I don't anymore because even with 900 resil I still get 4 shotted by most melee.

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    Re: Rate the fun of your warlock

    PvE: 7
    Like to do mayor dps and lifetap is the best spell EVER,
    I dislike the complicated AFF spec and prefer day dreaming destro (im still AFF because i can do more dps)

    PvP: 8
    Aff is asome in a BG, with a nearly 1 sec cast time, tons of curses..we rulez
    Destro in a arena..burst them away

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