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    phylactery of the nameless lich

    Is this trinket even viable raiding with in demo, or should I vendor it. I know Im supposed to be providing a buff to the raid, the proc is good but 90sec internal cooldown is LOL. Wow.. I'd love to have my dkp back. Is there any blue posts on fixing this or should we just shard it ?

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    Re: phylactery of the nameless lich

    Well, currently I am the only warlock in guild. Second, we don't have an ele shaman. Third, the question was is this trinket worth raiding with as demo spec?
    or just use illustration untill dfo or spyglass drops? Last, has blizzard made a post on mabyee lowering the internal cooldown ?

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    Re: phylactery of the nameless lich

    depents on youre other trinkets...

    i say use it whith illustration when you dont have spy glass or DFO...

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    Re: phylactery of the nameless lich

    If it has a 90 second internal CD and it lasts 20 secs, assuming it procs one or two spells after CD is off would it not provide just abuot 200 Sp on average? And isn't that better than normal spyglass? I don't know if i'm missing something but the spyglass seems over hyped to me

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    Re: phylactery of the nameless lich

    Average uptime as Demo is around 18%, which is down around 165 SP. Compare that to 180/200 static SP always there increasing DP. Spyglass is definitely not over hyped. It's an amazing trinket as Demo.

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    Re: phylactery of the nameless lich

    Reading the blue post it seems like Phylactery is gonna be buffed in terms of ICD time since they say its under the budget for the item.
    The future belongs not to those who wait...

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    Re: phylactery of the nameless lich

    Only trinkets I have are Illustration, and Reign 245 other than this. DFO is bis for all casters I understand, but I took what I could get once this dropped, trust me, if DFO dropped before this, I would have got it. Now I'm behind 4 casters for DFO.

    Now as far as spyglass, its way beter than Nameless Lich atm, and way better than illustration.

    I did use this trinket this week to see how much better, believe it or not by the damm time it goes off the second time, seems like im OOM waiting on it.

    Last, tried to add this proc to forte, it didnt work. The proc is called siphoned power, but wont seem to show up? Any clue why or just needs updated in forte ?

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