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    New priest looking for help.

    I recently decided to roll a priest to level with some of my friends and i am looking for some advice. Any information about stats i should use, rotations, rotations, spec suggestions would be helpful and very much appreciated.

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    Re: New priest looking for help.

    It much depends on what spec you're going to play.

    Get 3/3 Spirit Tap for levelling no matter what your spec is, though. It's painful to go without it.

    As a healer, intellect is your primary stat, followed by Spirit (Holy) or Spellpower (Disc). As a DPS, spellpower is, followed by Haste.

    As for rotations, Priests don't rotate.

    If you want a rotation, you're probably best off with Discipline, because it's the closest you can get (cast x, y, z between penance cycles - someone who knows more about Disc than I do can surely fill in here).

    Holy is much more reactive than Discipline, because it can't proactively shield people. (No, I'm not advocating reactive healing here. I just consider reacting to damage you know is about to come "reactive" instead of "proactive')

    Shadow doesn't have a rotation, it has a spell priority, but the cooldowns and DoT durations are so uneven that any attempt to make a rotation of it would end up with cycles that are longer than a page.

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