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    Armour Twisting

    ok so my idea was have Fel Armour up cast all other dots then switch to Demon Armour when the Haunt comes back.. does this work?

    you'd probably need good ping and it might be mana intensive but just curious.
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    Re: Armour Twisting

    So you are doing this to heal yourself? and may I ask Why?
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    Re: Armour Twisting

    Well let me examine it this way.

    If you were instead of changing to demon armor at all just cast drain life for 2 ticks you'd probably get more health back.

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    Re: Armour Twisting

    I assume you're talking about pvp where you are hoping to gain both the sp benefit to your dots and the armour bonus in between refreshing. i would say the loss of GCD's would make this not very viable at all.

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    Re: Armour Twisting

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarokex
    ok so my idea was have Fel Armor up cast all other dots then switch to Demon Armor when the Haunt comes back.. does this work?
    fixt it for ya

    i would say its probably not viable, as one of the other posters wrote the loss of 2 global cds in pvp would be a lot worse than the gain of 20% healing of 2 mayb 3 ticks of SL and haunt. If your really worried about dieing use drain life instead of sbolt as your filler. Thats what ive seen most locks doing these days anyway. If you meant for PVE in no way at all would this be viable. Losing GCDs is losing dmg.

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    Re: Armour Twisting

    The most important part is the mana cost of the armors. You don't want to be blowing 80% of a lifetap just switching armors.

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    Re: Armour Twisting

    very good tip if one want to blow all mana and spend pointless GCDs
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