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    Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Hi all,

    did a quick search but failed...

    Are the brutal glad weapons etc still available? If so how can you get them?
    thottbot says they cost 3750 arena points, but a lvl 70 cant get them anymore can they?

    If you cant get brutal, are there any sets that are available?

    Im at work so cant login to check..


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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Yes you can still get them. There is a vendor in Gagetzan next to the other arena vendors. He sells all the Brutal items for between 1000- 4000 honor, including all the set pieces. not much info on him but as it says at the bottom, he moved back to Gagetzan and now sells it all for honor.

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    ah thank you :-)

    Seems like they are cheap at so little honour?

    Is that to encourage people to PVP?

    I was a bit confused as to why it would be arena points... silly thottbot..

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Yeah it does seem a bit cheap. I actually didn't know untill yesterday when i was leveling my hunter in Tanaris and stopped to have a look at the gear they were selling. Good thing is if you intending to PvP when you are 80 then you can just send the heirloom honor items to your alt then buy the whole set and do the last 10 levels in the battleground. It would take a while though lol, still it would be fun imo.

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Wowiki states arena points still??

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Hmm, well im flying to Tanaris right now anyway. Maybe i just assumed because it was level 70 stuff that is was honor points rather than arena. I'll tell you which it is when i get to tanaris.

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Legend :-)

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    It is infact Arena Points

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Ok my new question is then how the hell they expect a lvl 70 to get arena points?


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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by goatee
    Ok my new question is then how the hell they expect a lvl 70 to get arena points?

    You can still play rated arena at lv 70

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear


    Too bad i hit 71 last night then i guess

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    Re: Lvl 70 PVP Gear

    Actually most of it is still in the game, you just have to work to still get it.

    on isle of quel'danas

    S1 Gladiator 5 piece set is available for T5 badges
    - from vendor KARYNNA
    S2 Merciless Gladiator 5 piece set is available for T6 badges
    - from vendors OLUS and SORYN,
    Veteran and Vindicator items
    - from vendor KAYRI
    vendor SMITH HAUTHAA has some decent weapons for badges of justice which can be obtained using dungeon finder .

    S1 and S2 weapons are gone
    S3 gear and weapons are gone

    S4 Brutal Gladiator 5 piece set, weapons, etc gear is available still at area 52 and gadgetzahn, but you will have to be on a arena team to earn points to buy

    you can also use T6 vanquisher badges to buy T6 gear at vendors TYDORMU, THEREMIS. the gear they sell has some killer stats and bonuses and can be easily gemmed for resilience

    PVP cloak, belt, rings, neck, boots are still available in SW or Org at PVP vendor for honor and marks

    in shatt there is vendor ANWEHU who has same items as SMITH HAUTHAA

    also in shat G'ERAS who has several PVP trinkets and some items that are PVP viable like the cloak DORY'S EMBRACE, etc.

    of course if you are flashing thru the game and going to 80, there is no reason to grind BC heriocs, PVP, or Arena. many of the WotLK greens and blues whether quest rewards or drops rival many BC epics.

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    PvP gear level 70

    You can still get level pvp sets for level 70. From the legacy armor vendor in Dalaran in the sewer arena area. NPC is in one of the buildings at the far end. All pieces (cataclysm) are between 100 to 200 honor points only. Weapons are more but neither use arena points anymore.

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