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    Mighty Protection Potion Recipies

    Is there any real use for these anymore? The only thing that i can think of is for Sindrogasa, but not sure if there are any other fights that it would be useful.

    Heres the frost prot potion.

    Mighty Frost Protection Potion
    3 sec cast
    Crystallized Fire (2), Imbued Vial

    Mighty Frost Protection Potion
    Requires Level 70
    Item Level 80
    Use: Absorbs 4200 to 6000 Frost damage. Lasts 2 min. (1 Min Cooldown)
    Sell Price: 50


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    Re: Mighty Protection Potion Recipies

    Not really, these type of potions were viable for pre-bc and bc fights that required resistance gear. Though they can have there uses now, with the amount of healing and health pools and having to leave combat to set the CD on potion use, these aren't as useful as they have been in past content.

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    Re: Mighty Protection Potion Recipies

    These are pretty useless indeed. However, Indestructable potions are pretty nice
    [23:43:22] [P] [85:Bowsjob]: If its between 2 holy pallys its gonna be a gear fight most likely

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