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    Mine worst experiences with the dungeon tool sucks
    That happened in a Heroic Gund run and i was on my main toon as the healer.
    After the first boss was put down, i found the rogue was following me and he didn't do any damage.
    So i started a vote to kick the rogue.
    "Damn, which idiot want to kick my alt?" the pally tank said.
    I responded with:"that u means u login on 2 toons and run the dungeon?"
    Then I was kicked.

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    I was tanking a run of HoO heroic a few days ago. Dps was quite low, no one chatting much, their first tank had left or been kicked after the first pack. All bad signs, but let's see how it goes. Get to the first boss, I tell people which way to drop down. Fight starts. Fight continues. Still haven't triggered first shield. Wow dps is terrible. Finally it goes up, I drop down to the left and gather up the snakes while the other guy gets the lever. I go to the other lever, no one there. I gather the snakes there too and wait for the first guy to pull the lever. He runs right past me and heads up the stairs. At that point I cut my losses and drop group, no way were 70 VP worth that much. Generally I just do Troll heroics now, group quality is sooo much better.
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    Love these stories. I will contribute with my own.

    Setting is Scholomance during WOTLK, me playing my resto druid alt.

    In the big room after the summoners it starts. Tank is awful; the typical tunnel vision guy with zero situational awarness. He pulls a pack and holds aggro on 2 or 3 mobs while the rest of them go for me or the dps. Then the real stupidity begins. I'm down to 5-10% mana and somehow half the room after the summoners have been pulled, tank still holding 2 mobs while I have a bunch of casters attacking me with no time to break line of sight.

    Mage: HEAL ME
    Mage: HEAL FFS
    I look at his bars: 50% health , 50% mana
    I dont even bother typing in the chat

    We manage to survive, and chat goes on:

    Tank: druid why you not heal ??
    Mage: yea you should heal ffs
    Me: Did any of you see that I was out of mana, not to mention there were 3+ mobs attacking me?
    Me: Mage, why didn't you get sheep / kite / get them off me?

    No reply

    I notice most pulls are like this, so to not slow us down and drink after every pull I just keep the tank up and only heal the DPS when they are about to die, meaning I don't top everyone up after every pull. Mage rages:

    (not in combat):
    Mage: Heal me
    Mage: heal
    Mage: druid?
    Me: eat
    Mage: ???
    Me: Food. It gives you health. Eat it.
    Mage: FFS just heal me
    Me: So you rather have mana break after every pull because you are being lazy?
    Tank: Get more INT gear then
    /facepalm IRL (I wasn't in crap gear either. Some heirlooms combined with dungeon and satchel drops, I probably had BiS-gear for my level )

    We go on downstairs and get into the Rattlegore fight. The first thing the mage does is to run in front of him and an add to block one of the golem cleaves with his face, killing him in seconds. At this point I just sit there and wonder wtf he is doing.

    Mage: HEAL
    Random DPS (has been quiet until now): lol useless healer
    Tank: druid you must heal
    Me:... you are ranged dps. The adds cleave. No one except the tank should be that close.
    Rest of group: whatever just heal ok?

    I should have left here, but I just wanted to see how far this could go.

    We go on and start killing the mini bosses (mage standing in green gas in the room with the viewing room door, again screaming for heals). We enter Malicia's room, and tank manages to body pull two groups. Tunnelvisionboy picks up two mobs, while the rest of them (5 mobs) are attacking me. I die pretty fast. Needless to say it's a wipe. Chat goes:

    Tank: Why didn't we get any heals this time?
    ("This time". I've been keeping this subpar group from wiping every pull)
    Me: Are you kidding? (for a second there I actually thought he was)
    Mage: healer sucks
    Me: I was dead because noone bothered to get the mobs off me
    Mage: dont pull aggro then

    That's when I left. I check recount, the mage is on 30+% damage taken. I nerd cry a bit inside.

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    I was in ZA yesterday where the tank had a strange idea about priorities... we got up to second last boss (forgot his name), I hexed the add on the left, he put an X on the other add and a Skull on the boss. I attack the second add like everyone usually does and he complains about it telling me to attack the boss =o (we didn't have anyone to CC it) healer complained saying that I should kill it anyway and then move to the boss. Add dead, refreshed hex on other add and killed the boss. Tank still complained though and he got kicked.
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    joined a ZA run at the dragonhawk boss. old tank leaves. new tank joins. its a DK.

    fight starts. the dk tank isnt aoeing or tanking any of the adds. jan gets to 50% and summons all adds.
    dk throws down DND and doesnt use any cds for the 100 dragonhawks attacking him. ( i happen to frost trap+ md the hawks just before) he dies in 2 seconds.
    tank"Fken healer why didnt u heal me?"
    me: DK u needa learn to use ur Cds so u wont get 2shotted.
    me: obviously not or u wouldnt die so fast.
    me: lol

    2nd time on the fight~
    other dps die
    i live
    the dk lives with 10k hp
    healer dies
    and the fight ends ~ everyone gets mass res'd

    i decide to check the dks talents: see hes specc'd into so many wrong talents and he has "mending" on his 2h weapon.
    me: dk ur spose to use swordshattering on ur weapon not mending
    other dps :rofl U dumbass dk learn ur toon.
    me: then why is it enchanted already with mending if u just got it?
    at this point im laughing so hard at this dumbass dk.

    me: dk im jus trying to give u help so ur not bad ok?

    ~we get to halazzi * dk doesnt pull him outta the healing totem.
    fight lasts an additional 6 mins.

    next fight~ hex lord malacrass.
    dk dies on his siphone'd green DND.
    me laughing: dk u are so bad
    dk: FUCK U NOOBS **** THIS. * dk leaves*

    and we get another tank and finish the dungeon easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tavin View Post
    Waaaaaaay to many times that someone joins the instance, goes afk and probably knows that it will take 15 min before we can kick them. 4 out of 7 times it was the tank that went afk.
    This. Too many tanks have the "I can do whatever I want and you'll have to take it" attitude. Annoying as heck.

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    Running ZA on my tank - join in progress, right before the first boss (worrisome). It becomes very quickly clear when the first boss takes like 4 or 5 minutes to die that we're not doing a fast run. Ok, no problem. (We got the boss, after all, how bad could this get?) Slow down, start marking for CC and kill orders. We get to the trash pack that jumps down from the ledge in front of the bear boss (first pack after the boss, in fact). I mark them and pull. One gets healer aggro before I land a hit on it after I miss my shield. Healer manages to panic and run back, pulling the 2 mob pat. Crap. I've _almost_ got it under control but I'm running out of CDs when the hunter decides to disengage away. Right into the bears - promptly we wipe. Ok, ouch. It happens though, right? People accidentally aggro multiple groups.

    Heading back in, the healer's in the lead, mounts up, rides right into the pat. Panics again, flees back into the group. I try to pick them up, but at half health with no CDs or buffs and the healer madly riding his mount back the other direction, it does not go well. We wipe.

    Make it to the bear boss without further incident. Miraculously they managed the final trash pack before the boss, even. Explain the fight. They fail to rotate charge targets, and we wipe. Explain again, with the pointed example of _why_ it has to happen that way. Doesn't help. We wipe again. I don't know why, but to this point I haven't bailed. I mention that my shield is low on durability, and ask if anybody has a repair bot (they don't) so I teleport out of the instance to repair. They vote-kick me almost instantly. Can't say I was brokenhearted.

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    A lot of these stories remind me of some fancy psychology theory I read about. Basically some people with low intelligence not only are bad at certain tasks, but they lack the ability to *realise* that they're bad. That's probably why you get all those people so eager to blame others for their own poor performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arteous View Post
    it's reading stuff like this that makes me happy that over 1/2 the player base of wow will cry like newborn children when 4.0/cata goes live ... it's too hard to level waaah .. there are too many mobs we can't aoelolfreebadgepics waaaahhh.

    i'll be so happy reading the forums then.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ajhad View Post
    I agree can't wait to see them cry and from what Blue Posts are looking like right now the future looks good for skilled players =P
    I feel a new signiture combo in the works...

    OT: Had a prot warrior come in today without a shield to SFK heroic claiming he needed to use a two hander for extra dps.
    A prot paladin replaced him and on the poison boss, despite the healer screaming "RUN!!!" just stood there and said after we wiped, "I ran out as far as I could, where did you want me to go?"
    I dropped group and went to get some water and aspirin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinLee View Post
    I responded with:"that u means u login on 2 toons and run the dungeon?"
    Then I was kicked.
    To be fair you deserved to be kicked just for talking like that.

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    Not the worst, but I thought it was funny

    I like doing normal dungeons with my holy pally for quick JP. I actually enjoy pugging and never leave a group even if the tank/dps may be bad, I suck it up and wait for them to leave and then just requeue. I enjoy healing, even if I am healing people that are doing something wrong. My job may be harder but is still enjoyable.

    One time I queued and got Tol'Vir with a DK as the tank. I noticed that his health is dropping fairly quickly but just shrug it off since I could still easily keep him up. It was normal and I just figured that his gear was probably not that great, the problem was that he couldn't hold aggro. I used to DK tank back in wrath and knew what he was doing wrong but decided to wait to see if he was just a beginner or a bad.

    The hunter in our group however, noticed that there was something iffy about the tank as well and proceed to gear inspect him. He asked the DK what was wrong with his gear and that of course made me curious. The DK responded with a "I know my gear sucks but I'm working on it!" The hunter the proceeds to post the DK's gear in chat, which is a mix-matched of int gear, dps gear and a couple of tanking pieces.

    The thing is that, I didn't care about throwing a couple of extra heals on the tank because of his crappy gear, I was just annoyed over the fact that he couldn't even hold aggro, which is fairly easy as a DK tank. My response to all this was "I don't care if you have crappy gear, as long as you can hold aggro I could care less."

    We get to the first boss and I don't remember if we wiped once or not but in the end we downed him fairly quickly and then the DK left.

    The hunter response was. "I wonder if he left because he was embarrassed."

    I lol'd in real life.

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    Healed several heroics on my freshly 85 paladin last night and I've come to one conclusion:

    Healing a DK tank in epics is harder than healing a warrior / paladin in greens and a druid in blues. Seriously. I refuse to heal DK tanks now. Absolutely ridiculous. Either the class is changed or all the good tanks gave up on DK tanking, because this is impossible. A pull that would require, say, 10k heals per second with a warrior tank will take 20k heals per second with a DK tank, almost all on the tank, and he'll still die even with the most mana intensive, cooldown blowing healing spam. He'll still die in less time than a single cast. He'll die when I started a Divine Light at 100%, before the Divine Light finishes casting. It's frustrating and it got me kicked out of one group last night, only to requeue, get a warrior tank, and finish Zul'Gurub in 15 minutes, no lie. A run where I actually almost fell asleep it was so easy to heal.

    To all of you guys that play DK tanks... why? Your class was not made for tanking. Blizzard messed up. You guys are the squishiest nightmare to heal imagineable. I'd rather heal a ret paladin with Righteous Fury on.

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    I'm going to assume I can necro this since it's a stickied thread.

    My worse would have to be whenever I went into a group with a group was on the first boss of VP (Vortex Pinnacle) right when they came in they were bickering back and fourth
    "You can insult me"
    "pssh, yah I can"
    First words in the dungeon, during the 1st boss about half away in the tank insulted the healer again in mid-fight called her/he a few curse words. The healer stopped healing everyone and caused a wipe. Left the dungeon, not the group. The dungeon.
    We couldnt kick her/he, because of the stupid ass kick-system blizzard gots going.
    She/he came back like 15 minutes later saying he/she "walked it off" though I was the only one in the group left.

    Stupid people.

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    This wasn't really a "worst" experience, but it still baffled me.

    Joined a Well of Eternity group on my Fury Warrior. Everything was fine until the Azshara fight, where the rogue was on her the entire time, despite us reminding him that you didn't have to stay on her for the entire fight to interrupt her. We down her, and the Rogue was vote-kicked out. Apparently the tank was a guildie of that rogue and didn't like that the rogue was voted out, so she left on the Mannoroth fight. I had to Fury tank Varo'then for a while before we got a replacement tank and finished the instance.

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    It happened a few days ago actually. My friend and I queued for a normal random dungeon. I am a fresh 85, so of course I was starting the climb. Anyways, we get this asshole elitist tank. First of all I ask for 'Might' because everyone used mana and were basically casters. He turns around and says, "I'll give whatever fucking buff I damn well please. Fuck off noob." I shrugged it off. He then proceeds to start pulling like crazy. My friend who was the healer isn't exactly geared either. His response was,"get better gear scrub lol". Well, hell what do you think we're trying to do? It's a normal dungeon.

    The guy was in some DS gear, but what made it funny was it was LFR. So, it goes to show you he thought he was awesome, but he had never even cleared any bosses on normal or heroic. My friend decided not to heal him and we just left. It was ridiculous. I really hate people like that.Those are the type of people that take the fun out of the game.

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    Mage in zul'gurub who joined on last boss...

    Mostly epic gear BUT strenght gems that you could buy from thrallmar and hearth mending on staff pulling 1000 by spamming... Arcane barrage only and sometimes missiles.

    After several wipes we kicked him and got full t11 geared shaman who just nuked the big spirit.

    I left.
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    I got queued into a partial guild run for Heroic HoR towards the end of LK. I liked this place a lot, saw the group looked good, and was excited to do one of my favorite instances with a good group. We steamroll the first two bosses, then comes the fun.

    I don't know when the trend started, but tanks would kite the Frostworn General back to the chamber so the five adds didn't spawn. I always found this to be a royal waste of time, as all you had to do was dorp some AoE on the spawns and they went down in 10 seconds or less. So I see the tank start to do this very thing, and I quickly typed out, just leave him there. Instead, the tank felt the need to drag the general back to the chamber, unbeknownst to the healer, lowering the group dps in the process, and eventually dieing due to no heals.

    I proceeded to question the need to kite the general, "Hey, ya know it takes less time to just leave the general there and dps the adds down?"

    Tank - "No it doesn't tard. You save time by not having to deal with the adds. So stop bitching."

    Me - "Yeah, we saved tonnes of time having you die, and waiting for you to get rezzed up and rebuffed."

    Tank - "STFU, more cuss words."

    About this time, I noticed three of the people, including the tank were in the same guild, and I coud see the writing on the wall. The proceeded to vote kick before the escape from Arthas encoutner, but waited to actually vote yes until I had helped them do all but the last couple of mobs, so I was booted mid fight at the very end.

    I guess this was one of those "sensitive, know it all tanks" I see a bunch of threads about.

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    Had another ***** LFD 10 mins ago. Ele shammy stole tanking shield "coz I need if for transmog". Same guy was bragging about the agi gear he stole from "poor rogues/kitties" earlier on LFR.


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    Just ran into a hilariously e-peen-stroking mage on my rogue.

    Normal Tol'Vir, this mage is in full 391/397 gear though. No clue why he's running normal tol'vir, but eh, whatever. Through the whole run he's bitching at the tank to pull faster, linking his normal mode DW achievement, linking meters and taunting me and the hunter, and pulling things over and over again without the tank (even bosses). Basically, being a massive e-peen flailer. Really hilarious, I must say.

    After killing the final boss he linked meters again and started going off with "get carried, fucking bad dps", "uninstall wow baddies", etc. Oh yeah, because level 84 toons in quest greens can totally do DPS on par with a mage in full DS gear. Makes sense.

    I mean, sure it's fun to join a T11 heroic or some other low dungeon and roflstomp with high DPS, but do these people really take pleasure in jerking their e-peens over people who don't stand a chance? Probably the same people who trash low level cities.
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    When is there not a bad experience sadly? My worst experience involves those who play, and think it is okay for them to use PVP gear to cheat the LFD requirements (ilvl). The worst thus far was a feral druid who wanted to tank in all pvp gear, it was terrible.

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