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    Got my final Titan Runestone this week and got the quest for the heart off lei shen.

    Got a Priest in a guild with his Warlock, dk and 2 druid friends. He would consistantly lifegrip me to the edge of the platform as i was moving lei shen between pillars and i would accidently fall to my death. He did this 3 times and whispered me how bad I was even tho I was doing alot better than his Druid friend. I proposed a vote kick and he would ninja pull Lei Shen to prevent the kick from going off. then have his druid or dk friends res him or Bres him to prevent his inevitable kick. He was unable to be kicked from the group so we said fuck it and did lei shen for the 5th time....and the same thing, he would life grip me to my death and his druid friend would suicide.

    He said "well go ahead and report me asshats, Blizzard wont do ANYTHING to me because this is looking for retards so you're stuck with me, hahahaha" then ninja pulled the boss again to reset the kick we were voting on.

    I finally got fed up and left the group and decided "im done with LFR, i'm gonna just give up on my druid and not get the cloak, im done with this" and I proposed never to touch LFR again and just see if I could join a friends guild on a Lei Shen kill as a useless dps.

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    I don't know what you did Alison, but I doubt you got yourself in that situation by accident. The fact that they were specifically targetting you is a bit strange to me.

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    I was doing the fight correctly, I got diffusion to 90 before i moved the boss, then the priest lifegripped me to the edge to make me fall, on the first pull. I took little to no damage. There DO exist some people who's sole desire is to fuck around with people in LFD/R

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    Quote Originally Posted by pa1kia View Post
    Didn't think this would get revived. I don't remember which dungeon/raid finder experience was the worst, but one I remember actually happened not too long ago.

    I queued for Pinnacle of Storm on my main and got in as a tank. The group was still missing the other tank. We cleared up to the trash groups before Iron Qon. I wanted to wait for the raid finder to get us a 2nd tank, so guess what happens... A hunter pulled BOTH groups. Thankfully, we manage to survive it. Afterwards, that hunter and a holy pally from the same server (im guessing they're just friends sense they're not from the same guild), be-ing pretty impatient, decides we should do the boss with just me tanking. Wanting to have a good chance of clearing the boss with 2 tanks rather then the 1 tank strat the hunter was using, I say we should wait for a 2nd tank to arrive. Instead, that hunter pulled Iron Qon. Shaking my head, I just dropped group and decided to do some stuff on an alt.
    So how did you leaving the group help in that situation?
    Yep it only made it worse o0
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