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    Reviving Armor/Weaponsmits in Cataclysm

    I was thinking about the new reforging system in Cataclysm, and i was thinking: how could if there were benefits for Armor/Weaponsmithes? Let's say that reforging an armor piece allows you to change one kind of stat for other (stam for agi, haste for mastery, and so on, at least as far as i understand for the new system preview :P ).

    If you're a regular BS, you could change that one stat freely, respecting limitations. But, what if the armorsmithing allowed you to change one extra stat and the specific weponsmithing allowed you to reforge a weapo? As far as I read, reforging wouldn't allow it's aplications to weapons, but with this weaponsmithing would regain some of its value witha perfectly logical and practical aplication?

    Any ideas? Opnions?

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    Re: Reviving Armor/Weaponsmits in Cataclysm

    Becoming either of these would not have a value high enough to actually warrant having these abilities.
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    Re: Reviving Armor/Weaponsmits in Cataclysm

    Maybe be not, but right now there's absolutly no reason one would pick up either WS/AS, since there was literally no content for the prfession during WotLK. Giving privileges to a profession would certainly boost the interest, imo, in becoming specialized BS.

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    Re: Reviving Armor/Weaponsmits in Cataclysm

    Its a nice idea, I too miss the days of when having a specilization actually did something (excluding Engineering ammo from ICC), although giving it to BS only? If they did this they would probably give it to all the reforging professions and your whole idea seems to be based around armorsmith and weaponsmith so I really can't see this working.

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    Re: Reviving Armor/Weaponsmits in Cataclysm

    Indeed, expanding the idea to other professions sures sound reasonable and fair. But i just wanted to give a new meaning to one being an Armorsmith and Weaponsmith again. Seriously, there is nothing for the specialization in WotLK, not even a single mention or entry or recipe from trainers, even tho here are trainers for each one in Dalaran.

    I think the concept of reforging is great, and furthering the concept into specialized blackmisthig would be great.

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    Re: Reviving Armor/Weaponsmits in Cataclysm

    Not only blacksmithers will be able to swap stats on gear,but BS will reforge only plate (mail?) items;lw will reforge leather and possibly mail and tailors will resew cloth.Engineering will probably have something to do too.

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    Re: Reviving Armor/Weaponsmits in Cataclysm

    I believe i read somewhere Engi's get to reforge trinkets and ranged items and jc's get rings and amulets. I believe it was on Blizzcon, but don't pin me on it.

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