Thread: Pet Buff Issue?

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    Pet Buff Issue?

    Hey guys i recently discovered a bugg from pets buff. Here it is:

    When going into a raid, you won't be affacted buy your Fel Intellegent or Blood Pact buff fgiven by your bet IF a warrior uses shouts, it does not seem to stack. I dunno why, but it does not. Theres NO where it says that minions buff does not stack. Post something if u tried the same, this it an issue i meet all the time, since i specced for felhunter buff i want my damn buff ^^

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    Re: Pet Buff Issue?

    No buffs stack anymore.

    If there is a stronger buff present such as commanding shout or Arcane Intellect or Divine Spirit you will not see your pet buff going out.

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    Re: Pet Buff Issue?

    The, but the problem is. I took on blood pact, and some one does commanding shout, and my BP goes out. Theres nowhere it says "spell does not stack with other health increasing effects" such as some talents / buffs does. If its ment not to stack, they should read it. Also i never tried this before, normally i can stack Fel intellect upon arcane intellect.

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    Re: Pet Buff Issue?

    buffs don't stack anymore since 3.0.
    that was when they revamped the buff system.

    commanding does not stack with BP. feral aura doesn't stack with Fury warrios crit thingy. BoK does not stack with BoSanc. BoWisdom does not stack with Totem of mana-regen-thingy. Arcane Int does not stack with Fel Int does not stack with priest spirit etc etc.

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    Re: Pet Buff Issue?

    doh! my mistake... How stupid btw :b

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