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    Inscription Trinkets

    I am sure somewhere far down the forum this topic exists - So except my apology

    However, I think the 213 item level trinkets are now nonsense. It is starting to cost more money to make than they are worth. With the introduction of each patch since ulduar I hold my breath hoping for new trinkets... but nothing... over and over again...

    Blizzard... Please allow us to earn money as well... everyone else gets new patterns with each raid instance... what about your inscriptors? Please dont forget about us as it seems you have...


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    Re: Inscription Trinkets

    Erhm, Blizzard makes new Glyphs by every patch..
    Why do you want trinkets?
    That's more like JC.. oh wait.
    We have an insane Shoulder Buff.
    And it keeps us from grinding boring Sons of Hodir rep..

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    Re: Inscription Trinkets


    I've been waitin' for epic Alch trinkets for over a year meow.

    Don't hold your breath
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    Re: Inscription Trinkets

    Hi I heard you're crying?

    So sad to hear. However Inscription is a very good profession to make money with, don't tell me those trinkets don't sell. Maybe 2 of the trinkets aren't super, but one sells for 6-7k at least on my server. Glyphs ALWAYS has a high demand and make huge profit if you use it well.
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    Re: Inscription Trinkets

    6-7k... maybe a year ago... agi/str trinkets now sell for like 3500g and they take nearly 2-3 weeks to sell. Everyone on my server is obsessed with gear score. Sons of Hodir takes like 20 minutes to get now with all the ways to get the rep.

    They didnt even make the new recipes hard to get... buy it with a couple gold... everyone had them in seconds... Why cant they just keep things even and when they come out with new tailor or BS recipes that they send at least one epic recipe for inscription.

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    Re: Inscription Trinkets

    I'm still waiting for my Bis Eng goggles! But seriously trinkets are supposed to be something that you have to work for(LOL VENDOR TRINKS) which is why blizzard didn't allow you to make anymore. There was a bluepost about this somewhere...

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    Re: Inscription Trinkets

    They are only ilvl 200 btw
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    Re: Inscription Trinkets

    DMC:G is still a very good trinket and with the new vendor in Dal, eternal life wont cost so much gold anymore making the cards cheaper to make.

    Ive pretty much given up making trinkets now to be fair though since the profit really isnt worth it, considering the amount of gold/mats/time it takes to make one.

    They are still easy to sell though if you can be bothered to make one, ie. the 90 agi one is better then the 264 ilvl vendor trinket for hunters.
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    Re: Inscription Trinkets

    DMC:G is definitely still a great trinket. Top 10 for most dps classes (top 5 if you exclude heroic mode versions). The reason why it has fallen substantially in price and demand is because everyone has one these days, and only new rich alts will be buying them. There probably isn't too many of those around these days because a lot of people are focusing more on ICC than leveling their alts.
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