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    Question regarding JC dailies.

    So my alt hit 375 JC a week ago and I've been doing JC dailies ever since.
    The problem I have is the droprate on the scourge Curio for the Shifting Sun Curio.
    It says it can drop from all Northrend scourge and I took the original Argent tournament dailies as a staple... But whenever I mouse over some random scourge in northrend, the Quest doesn't show up in the tooltip... Only on elites!

    Now I've farmed several places (the camp north of the argent vanguard, at the blacksmith, sindragosa's fall and many more) but most of these places I can grind and grind and nothing will drop. But when I go to the valley of fallen heroes (where you need to kill 10 dudes for the argent tournament daily) I tend to get it off the second or third necromancer...
    These mobs also don't have the quest showing in their tooltip, just elites...

    Now ALL the other JC quests I've gotten so far I've done in stormpeaks and I never have to grind more than 5 mobs for the item to drop... Is this RNG screwing me over on the same daily quest each time or is the drop disabled for certain scourge?

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    Re: Question regarding JC dailies.

    Just kill the big Anubarak looking bugs in Scourgeholm, shouldn't take you more then 3 kills
    It's coming in 1.2!!!

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    Re: Question regarding JC dailies.

    I usually hit the scourge by the Ebon Blade camp around the southwestern corner of Zul'Drak. A short fight accompanied by very good drop rates. Plus they're only lvl 75ish.
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    Re: Question regarding JC dailies.

    I used to go to the area north of dal with all the skellies and wonder why it took forever. Apparently only the bugs drop them there; I usually get it by my 5th kill.

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    Re: Question regarding JC dailies.

    Quote Originally Posted by mirodin
    Just kill the big Anubarak looking bugs in Scourgeholm, shouldn't take you more then 3 kills
    I did :| killed 12 total, still nothing.
    Next time I get it I'll hit the neutral night elf ghosts in crystalsong

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    Re: Question regarding JC dailies.

    Before you kill anything hover your mouse over the mob to see if that particular mob drops what you need for the daily.

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    Re: Question regarding JC dailies.

    Why not take the nearest targets?
    Scourge: just below dalaran, icecrown side of the first large saronite wall. there are abominations and some skeleton casters. Both drop quickly. (1-5 kills avg.)
    Proto dragons: You can try plagued proto drakes at valkyrion but they are often already dead, so just fly a bit further into storm pikes where all the blue proto dragons are (the baby drakes drop very good too) (1-3 kills avg)
    Ivory: DON'T -for the sake of everything you can probably believe in- DON'T try farming the mammoths near K3, even though Blizzard quest helper suggests it. They don't drop or simply drop like swamp of sorrows mobs. Just take the mammoths west of the bronze dragon shrine in dragonblight (1-5 kills avg. - one herd max)
    Iron dwarf thingy: cave south of valkyrion, near the harpy area, where the time-lost proto campers fly around (1-3 kills avg.)
    Vrykul amulet: Valkyrion (1-5 kills avg.)

    That works best for me.
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