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    Need a little direction, disc -> holy pve

    Hello guys.

    Just put holy as my MS, because even tho i love so much disc, its hard on AoE healing, and with my gear i seems to go oom pretty fast in new icc heroics ( still didnt do HoR tho ).

    Here is my armory -> http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...ggus&cn=Fluxxy ( also is my spec correct? )

    Ok im thinking to get now the http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47658 from marks, and http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47732 , http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47733 from triumph marks, and maybe http://www.wowhead.com/?item=48724 .

    So got a few questions, what should i gem for ? Pure int, or sp/haste?

    And since i just switched from disc, im used to buble and throw penance+flash heal and PoM.
    On holy, should im using renew often + buble sometimes, and throw pom, flash heals, and CoH? Is this right, or im somewhere wrong? ;p

    Thanks. Sorry for my bad English

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    Re: Need a little direction, disc -> holy pve

    Gemming as a priest is really a balancing act.
    For yellow or red sockets: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40155 or http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40151
    For blue or red sockets http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40133
    Generally speaking. If you are having mana problems go ahead with http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40123

    Gemming straight spirit generally isn't good though

    Healing "rotation" would be PoM the tank and keep renew on him. Flash heal the damage spikes. Only use greater heal for those oh snap moments. You will not be using your shield much. I only used to if I got behind on healing and needed to buy some time.

    You said you were going OOM as disc, so I am a little worried about that. Disc is more mana friendly than holy.

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    Re: Need a little direction, disc -> holy pve

    Regarding gemming, if you're having mana problems, favor gemming Int, like SP/Int in reds, pure Int in Yellow, and Int/Spirit in Blues. After you get your mana into a comfortable spot, you can start adjusting gems toward throughput.

    As for prioritizing how you spend your triumph emblems, I'd probably aim for either the trinket first, since yours are pretty bad and it will help with your mana situation a lot. After that, I'd aim for the Haste ring and then the Crit one. Instead, I'd start looking at using the triumphs to get Crusader Orbs and craft some bracers to replace you PVP ones and then a chest. I'd avoid buying the wand because Hit is worthless, so you'd gain a bit of regen and SP, but lose Crit; if you still want it, wait until after you get the other stuff.

    Your spec could use some work. First, drop Improved Healing and Inner Focus, they're terribly budgetted talents. Make sure you pick up 3/3 Test of Faith and 3/3 Blessed Resilience, and consider maxing Divine Fury and 1-2 points in Healing Focus. Take points from Empowered Healing as you have to to accomplish this, as both ToF and BR are better point for point for throughput than EH.

    For glyphs, I'd strongly recommend getting the Shadowfiend minor glyph, and make sure you're using it to help with your mana. I'd probably replace the Fort one since you really shouldn't be casting that in combat, although Fading is also an option since, well, you shouldn't have to Fade much either. Another suggestion is based on an assumption that you're not raiding, if that's the case, you can also reconsider your major glyphs. As such, CoH is absolutely mandatory for raiding, but it's very meh for 5-mans, and you can safely replace it with the Flash Heal glyph to help with your mana situation. However, if you raid at all, beyond a VOA-10 PUG, do not even think about that and, instead, weigh it against your Renew glyph and decide based on how much benefit you feel you get from that glyph, how much you cast FH, and how bad your mana situation is.

    As for style, you'll generally want to avoid bubbling, especially since you don't have Body and Soul, because it's mana inefficient; do it if you can't wait for a Flash Heal to land, or for a Renew to heal them up, but that should be a rare occurence. In general, keep PoM on CD by generally casting on the tank, and CoH as necessary. Use Renew as your prefered filler and group healing, but FH works if you need to. Always keep Renew running on the tank, and use FH as the filler on the tank, and save your Serendipity stacks for a quick GH to help catch up on the tank, or for a quick PoH to heal up the group.

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    Re: Need a little direction, disc -> holy pve

    Cheers for the tip guys

    Also i know about my wrists and chest, but i'll wait till next patch hit onlive so the prices for moonshroud etc got a little down, now they are around 75g/per piece, which is expencive for me ( I know..gold is ez to make..its ez when you're not lazy ;p )

    Just healed a few heroics, and im getting used to holy and i think i love it And i manage to keep my mana pool with no efforts, will see when i go into 3 icc heroics how it will be there

    Any more tips are welcome Just got a main resto shammy and didnt used to priest gear/geming/enchantats..shammy its easy - haaaste all the way.

    Btw can you give me any more advice's about enchanting on items, couldn't find any info on the sticky's.


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    Re: Need a little direction, disc -> holy pve

    Quote Originally Posted by Loop
    Btw can you give me any more advice's about enchanting on items, couldn't find any info on the sticky's.
    Enchants are pretty straight forward.

    Head: SP/MP5 if you need mana, SP/Crit if you're shedding regen
    Shoulders: SP/MP5 if you need mana, SP/Crit if you're shedding regen
    Chest: +All Stats
    Cloak: Haste unless you're a Tailor
    Wrist: Spell Power
    Gloves: Spell Power
    Pants: SP/Spirit
    Boots: Spirit or Tuskarr's Vitality
    Rings: Spell Power if you're an Enchanter
    Weapon: Spell Power

    ...I think there's some other options if you're an Engineer, but I don't have one, so I don't remember what those options are.

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    Re: Need a little direction, disc -> holy pve

    Those options are a haste "on use" effect to gloves, and +crit to the boots outweighing icewalker (which most should be using Tuskarr's anyways). :
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    Re: Need a little direction, disc -> holy pve

    Disc may be a bit hard to notice for others how good work you do, but holy is all on the healing meters and you get to compete with any classes

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