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    Fishing - why change 1 of the dailies?

    Anyone got any clue as to why, on the PTR, they've changed just 1 of the fishing dailies so that you can complete it in Dalaran rather than having to fly to Dragonblight?

    Just seems that, out of the 4 non-Dal fishing dailies, this wasn't the most 'annoying' - ie this is the one that I always do if it's the daily, whereas the others I'll only do if I've really got nothing else to do and can be bothered to fly to SB, BT or face the PvP in WG.

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    Re: Fishing - why change 1 of the dailies?

    Out of all the fishing dailies, I feel this is the one that was the less obvious to people.
    The others tended to be pretty obvious for the most part as to where you had to go, but the majority of people fishing, especially with the recent nerfs/buffs to the profession depending on your view, still are not likely to have come across those pools by chance.
    Having the quest based around a little known location is perhaps the reason for that.
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    Re: Fishing - why change 1 of the dailies?

    it's always obvious where you have to go, if you have a questhelper.
    personally, I'm just happy I dont have to fly 2 minutes to do a quick fishing daily. Maybe that was one of the reasons, to keep the daily closer to Dalaran. If you compare fishing dailies to cooking dailies, you have to move alot further and more often.
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