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    Glyph of Shadow

    Does anyone else have concerns with the usefullness of this glyph now that our spirit is at an all-time low?

    I know my SPI is sitting at about 346. Since moving into ICC and equipping 4 PC T10, I now have zero pieces of gear with SPI on them and it has dropped my SPI by about 300. Admittedly, my weapon and cloak still need to be upgraded (waiting on the darn drops) but more and more this glyph is becoming a pale compasison of what it once was. Not that there is any other viable dps option as a replacement but I am more than a little annoyed that spirit was removed from our tier gear and essentially ruining our best glyph.

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    Re: Glyph of Shadow

    Blizzard already stated that they were going to start moving the gear towards where it should be in cataclysm pre-icc. As a DPS, you should have known this would have lowered your amount of spirit as Spirit is going to be a healer stat in Cata. With this being said, Shadow Priests are not at a point to where their dps is by any means completely shit anymore, shadow priests are quite decent DPS with all the changes they have received.. now does this mean that the glyph shouldnt be updated, no.. but does it mean that it should once be the pillar of your spec that it was back when you were so completely underpowered that no one wanted a shadow priest? no.

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    Re: Glyph of Shadow

    I'm sitting at about 700 spirit myself, so... Not at all.

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    Re: Glyph of Shadow

    Get off-tier pieces with spirit... spec into imp spirit tap... get more for this glyph than you said

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    Re: Glyph of Shadow

    What else are you going to replace it with? Glyph of Dispersionn/SW:P? Glyph of SW? Glyph of Mind Sear?You're either taking Glyph of Dispersion or Glyph of SW:P already and do not need the other, so that one is out, Glyph of SW is buffing a spell we never use, except on the move, and Glyph of Mind Sear is next to useless. We're better off with a very marginal dps glyph than those stated above.

    Plus, when Cata comes, the glyph will probably be changed to Int instead of Spi.

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    Re: Glyph of Shadow

    I liked this glyph when it only gave 10 %.

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    Re: Glyph of Shadow

    It's not like you can replace it with anything that would be a bigger DPS increase anyway...
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    Re: Glyph of Shadow

    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon
    It's not like you can replace it with anything that would be a bigger DPS increase anyway...
    No matter how "poor" spell power it gives, it's still some dps increase, which no other glyph besides Glyph of Mind Flay provides, and since there are 3 major glyph slots, I'd take it anyway.

    Also, with no mana problems I'd take Glyph of Dispersion over Glyph of Shadow Word:Pain, just for survival part.
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