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    My Economic Predictions for Patch 3.3.3

    I know this topic has been beaten to death but I think I have some different angles and information that would be helpful to some players.
    Another thing to keep in mind is the below predictions are based on the PTR and that is subject to change before it goes live so there is an element of risk to it. I will be updating any changes to my predictions in my <a href="http://www.wowconfidential.com/2010/...economy/">full post.</a>

    My Predictions for Patch 3.3.3

    1. <a href="http://www.wowconfidential.com/2010/...ng-up/">Frozen Orbs</a>
    - Most obvious change everyone knows and has already seen change on their server (prices up from 7g each to 20 - 30g), trade these in for various trade goods, the most notable being Eternal Fires and Frost Lotus.

    -With the increase drop rate of frost lotus we can expect that price to go down from the 55-65g avg seen on servers down to around 30g. Eternal Fires will also experience a drop in price but all these items should remain above 20g each making it profitable to buy any frozen orbs below 15g.

    - Now that you can purchase Frost Lotus with frozen orbs this will provide another avenue to get frost lotus instead of going out and gathering which means that a lot of that "extra" Icethorn and Adder's tongue that herbalists came across while looking for frost lotus will no longer be dumped onto the auction house.

    I expect prices of Adders/Icethorn and other Northrend herbs to go up in price. (from 20g/stack on my server up to 25g/stack)

    2. Titansteel cooldown removed.
    - Titansteel will drop in price, items such as the mechano hog will drop in price as well. Expect to see an initial spike in demand for eternal fires, but don't expect the price to rise because of everyone dumping their frozen orbs into eternal fires. Also titanium bars will go up in demand and since this item does not have a turn in option with frost lotus I expect that the value of these will go up temporarily from the rush of players crafting tons of titansteel in the first few days. However I think in the long term the price will go below current levels since the price of titansteel will plummet, so will the item that is the major reagent to craft it - titanium bars.

    3. Items you can craft with Runed Orbs materials being lowered
    - Significant changes here is to keep an eye on the total material cost as it may now be profitable to DE some of these items into Abyss crystals, we'll have to see what the material drop is down to but always potential for profit.

    4. Most 2 ink glyphs down to 1 ink
    - Not too many glyphs are 2 ink but this is a welcomed change as it will simplify the crafting process further, I currently have my glyph groups seperated in 1 ink/2 ink glyphs in Quick Auctions 3 (as each group will have lower/higher material costs to make and different profits) Now I can lump them all into one category and know my cost for all of them.
    - Still, this will give scribes lower mat costs and a boost in profits

    5. Auction House UI change
    I'm really hoping this UI change doesn't mess with addons such as auctioneer, auctionator, Quick Auctions 3 and other addons. It will definitely allow those players without AH Addons to better compete with prices and post a lot more of their items when before they'd avoid it from the huge time sink of posting items in singles etc..

    If you'd like to read further predictions I have you can read the full post on <a href="http://www.wowconfidential.com/2010/...-economy/">how to profit from patch 3.3.3</a> here.
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    Re: My Economic Predictions for Patch 3.3.3

    With the cooldown being removed, titansteel will basically sell for the mat cost (plus maybe a couple gold). Those guys who list 1000 glyphs a day at 1-2 gold profit will now list 1000 titansteel per day at the same margin (although I don't recall the AH cut on a titansteel listing - if its large it will push the price up a bit). Demand will dry up though, as all the crafted items needing titansteel will get crafted quickly, and unlike gems, these items don't need frequent replacement.

    I predict overall price inflation of eternals despite the orb trader. Orbs will go up in price and the demand for eternals will also skyrocket for high volume crafting of mats previously on cooldown. Hard to say where the price will settle after the initial rush though.

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    Re: My Economic Predictions for Patch 3.3.3

    Prices will be crazy for sure..

    currently "Farmers" are dumping cheap.. i've gambled a bit and bought low.. not sure if they will completely collapse though (mostly farmers dumping erternals predicting a collapse but i think most people will blow their orbs on the mats for elixers/pots vs eternals myself..)

    I think overall it will hurt those who have cash cows based upon the inflated prices of current mats but it will lower the cost of goods in general so the greater population has more buying power at their current lvl of gold.

    People will flood the market though.. just how bad that hurts prices is to be found out.

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    Re: My Economic Predictions for Patch 3.3.3

    I'm a fairly new player (and 80) and have been getting gear, etc...But when I saw this patch I cursed myself for throwing my 35 frozen orbs away for 10g each about a week ago. I just picked up 46 more of them for about 10 each and sold all of my frost lotus before it's price tanks.

    I hope I'm right other I just wasted a lot of (for me) money.

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