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    So, up till recently I've been a Holy priest for my guild...

    Now, I'm Disc because we have no pally or shaman healer and we have 2 resto druids in the guild so...

    Generally considering I'm bubbling people I know will take consistent damage, always on the tanks.

    I'm using PoM on every cooldown on the tank closest to the raid.

    I use penance on cooldown either to apply grace, refresh it or to panic heal.

    Now, the problem comes on a lot of fights when I apply bubble to the tank and then immediately PoM and before the PoM even lands the bubble is gone and the PoM instantly is gone as soon as it lands. This is where I would normally apply a renew and then begin my penance and flash heal rotation. That being said, though especially on fights like festergut or when the tank is taking hardcore damage I've had a tank die on me before I could finish applying renew and start penancing.

    My question is if I can't apply renew after bubble is down because I'm having to spam heals soo hard and it can't crit for aegis isn't flash heal just a better overall spell anyway? I mean I know renew would be considered increased throughput because it heals for more than flash heal but it feels like a wasted GCD a lot of the time.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not advocating for the removal of renew from our talent build because there really isn't a better option unless y'all think Spell Warding is better? I'm mostly curious when y'all stick it into your priority lists or are my tanks just way too squishy?

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    Re: Renew?

    renew is basically a waste of a gcd as disc, if you can be preshielding someone else or people arent topped, dont bother

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    Re: Renew?

    On Festergut, GHeal is your friend when he hits the hardest on your tank. Only use renew if you can spare the GCD with on Festergut hardest hitting phase just isn't available. You will need to be spamming your tank with your biggest heals.
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    Re: Renew?

    Where does Gheal come into all this? I mean without divine fury, even with bubble it's like a 1.9 sec cast and without it it's like 2.1? My tank would be dead 8 (

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    Re: Renew?

    Some Disc priests are starting to stack Haste to bring the Cast time of GHeal to something useful.

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    Re: Renew?

    As others said, I don't think that Renew is a particularly useful spell as Discipline, especially since I'd rather have the 3 points from Improved Renew elsewhere. By all means, if you have a spare GCD, cast it on a tank, but usually there's a better use for it, whether it be tossing shields on on the raid for expected damage or assisting the tanks. Certainly on a fight like Festergut with 2-3 Inhales, you just can't spare the GCD for Renew because you need a substantial heal every GCD.

    And yes, GH is useful in that fight. The thing is, even even if you're not a big fan of Haste, getting beyond the BT soft cap is pretty much unavoidable, so GH makes sense to cast on the tank in a PWS->Penance->GH combo. And, even as Discipline, Divine Fury makes GH a higher HPS spell than FH, so in a fight like Festergut where the tank is getting smashed, you'll see better results with more Haste and filling with GH, than with more Crit and filling with FH. Once the tank damage backs down, you can go back to using FH to save mana. In fact, in 10-man (I'm assuming from it looking like you only have 3 healers), with no inhales, when I do it as Disc, I can usually keep the tank up with just a PWS, Renew, PoM on CD so I can help out the raid healer, mostly by throwing a shield on vomit or low health targets and a perhaps a random PoH to help him catch up.

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