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    Re: Mana Issues

    false. unless your disc priest is assigned to be shielding targets, there is 0 harm in holy shielding. the only time a holy priest shields is when they need to prevent damage, not to cast it on someone already hurt

    example: queen. i dont shield any other priest because i have learned that they always shield themselves when linked and so it's a waste of my time to target them and even try anymore
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    Re: Mana Issues

    I've done a few comparisons on these boards, and comparing a Discipline Priests 9k absorb, my Holy came up with 6.5k. So depending on your point of view, it can have its uses, but never one someone already damaged because you're better off to heal them through it.

    But as harky himself has brought up time and time again, Body & Soul does not interfere with Discipline Priests as much as people think, unless either you're casting it on the wrong people, or your Discipline Priest is just flat out retarded. Period.
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