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    Getting kicked for being Disc

    I have picked up my priest again after a long break, she used to be my main as holy until I swapped her for a resto shaman according to my guild's needs.

    I have dusted her off and respecced her to discipline in the last few months as it is a spec I never truly had a go at. I found myself enjoying it greatly, healing heroics with ease and really trying to get to grips with the spec.

    I am a casual player and this is an alt, so she doesnt really have access to raids at all apart from PuGs. Which leads me to the situation I found myself in today. I decided to have a shot at VoA for the first time as I felt I was geared / confident enough to heal it. Kitted out in basic t9 and other similar level items I joined a VoA 10.

    After the Ice Watcher was down the raid leader linked the healing meters (recount) and called me out for my 'lame' healing, which took me by surprise. I called up my own Skada meter which by default is set to absorbs + heals, and saw I had actually ranked above the other healer who was there. However according to the raid leader absorbs dont count, half of the raid were his guildies so they began mocking me for my poor performance and sent me on my way. One guy even said "Never be disc for raids tbh, its just useless."

    A little downheartened I went on to join a 25man VoA straight after with a different PuG. Long story short we wiped on the Ice Watcher and the healing meters were linked again. Same situation, the raid leader calls me out in public and threatens to kick me, so I link my absorb + healing meters and prove to him I am actually pulling my weight (2nd or 3rd on my meter in that fight cant quite remember which), and explain that I am discipline so I will be lower than other healers on pure healing. He does actually apologise and lets me stay, although only after I am forced to defend myself (with a little help from the mage I was popping PI on for the whole fight).

    It boils down to this: I dont care about numbers on the healing meters and I enjoy the play style of disc very much, however if I am constantly being forced to defend myself then I am not sure its even worth playing the character due to the hassle. I only have access to PuGs so I was wondering if any other disc priests have had this problem and how you deal with it / defend yourselves. Perhaps my healing compared to my absorbs IS too low, I wish I still had the numbers but unfortunately I dont. Is this a constant problem for disc priests who do PuGs? I considered changing my shadow spec to a holy spec to use in PuGs, but why should I when its disc I enjoy playing.

    TLDR: Raid leaders calling me out in PuGs for low healing when I'm a disc priest and they obviously arent taking absorbs into account. Support / advice needed. Are others experiencing the same thing or is it just me? I only have access to PuGs, so yes it is kinda a big deal to me.

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    I get it a lot on my priest as well, Ignorant pug leaders who have no idea about other classes will just go look at the meters, its the annoying shit you have to put up with while pugging.

    People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world.

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    Skada has a Healing + Absorbs feature.
    To see if you really are effectively doing your job.

    It amazes me people are still this stupid.

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    The thing is, no meter tells you how effective you are. Take a look at any aura fight. Druids can blanket an entire 25 man without any difficulty, but the second you start including additional damage in there, people will die. Even as Holy I fall behind, but does that mean I'm less effective?

    True, Discipline looks bad. To retards. What amazes me is a year and a half into Wrath and people still don't understand Discipline has a role outside of PvP/5 mans.
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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    Disc is hilariously powerful. People that have no idea how to read/examine healing meters/parses shouldn't bother trying. <.>

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    if that raid leader was measuring a disc priest on the meter he fails. disc is so bloody important in raids people dont see it

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    Keep on chugging man.Your shields will one day save a wipe and the raid will be happy for it

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    The vast majority of pug raid leaders out there, are pretty clueless about anything about their own char - just make your own raids, its not that hard
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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    Thats just sad, don't listen to that idiotic Pug. They obviously have no Idea just how useful a good Disc Priest is in a raid.

    Blame the meters they are using as well, evil evil meters!

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    I've had a similar thing happen in a 25ICC run with a few new people. Basically two of our healers call out on another healer (disc) for being low on the meters and say his healing isn't adequate for 25 ICC.

    Long story short, if something isn't going right, people quickly look for who to blame. In this case, the disc priest is one of the best healers i know and he was doing his job more than fine. A lot of people just don't understand classes they don't play (or have little experience with). Its easy to look at recounts healing meters and think you understand and go "oh look y isn't healing enough", but as most people will know, the meters don't mean jack, especially when they don't take into considering how much damage you just absorbed on that player, or which caster you gave PI to.
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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    Get a guild that knows tha power of tha disc.

    I've changed to disc right after the release of wrath and I've never looked back.
    I personally find it so much more fun then holy but I also got a guild that appreciates my absorbs :P

    I have nobody pulling meters on me and tbh healing meters suck anyways.
    Everybody survivies? = healing was fine.
    Wipe = healing wasn't fine (or people were standing in fires/blue goo didn't changed aura etc etc).

    But the maxium output of healing doesn't say if 1 person was good at healing...
    If some pally kept spam healing himself, he'll get huge numbers on the meters but the tank would still die...
    Healing is just more then meters
    (but I love to say to my guildies that I just keep slacking and that's why my healing is so low)

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    Don't worry. Take solace in the fact that the guild that kicked you for being Disc probably can't make it past Marrowgar trash.

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    It all comes down to people being completely ignorant to any of the other classes than their own. There's not much I can say to help you keep your spot in a raid, but if people complain they just have no clue what they're talking about.
    Take a look at your overhealing compared to any of the other healers. Normaly I'm at say half of the other healers on healing done, but my overhealing is extremly low compared to say a Druid who just spams wild growth or a Paly using Beacon. What's the point of 4-5k healing done if half of your heals are overheals.

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    The number of threads on this is starting to get ridiculous!!

    Unfortunately as disc you are always going to run into idiots who have no idea about their strengths. You will very rarely be able to win an arguement with them so regrettably you just need to take it on the chin.

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    Meh it still amazes me how retarded people are in this game clearly disc is imo the best and funnest spec to play

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    I feel your pain, encountering meter whores is just lame.

    I would stick to the spec I like and dont give a shit about what such morons say, as they are ignorant.
    Always great to see and have dicipline priests imo, just love the absorbs etc that they bring.

    Aslong people arent dying, you've done your job anyway.

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    I believe you have just met few casual retards. you just cant help them :I

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    You met a bunch of scrubs that have no clue.
    Disc priests are awesome and may heal any raid i'm tanking in ^^

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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    While I'm not exactly in the same boat as you are now, since I'm decked to the teeth in gear, I do understand your situation, and it's not because of your spec, it's because of worthless players that don't know how to learn anything about the game and mechanics.

    I got similar treatment from a guild I joined during ToTC. Now, the bigger and more underlying problem turned out to be that one of the healers in the raid (a resto druid) was pissed at me because I called her out for not using a 30 minute break during raid to learn Twin Valks (longer story, I think), but in ToGC10 while we were trying to lcear it the tanks kept dying, and supposedly it was always "my target", when this same healer was about as specific as I just was on why this druid couldn't use a 30 minute window to watch a 2 minute boss video on Tankspot.

    Thew guild leader and two other healers, along with the guild's main tank, all questioned me, and I told them that my HPS (which was 1800, at the time more than acceptable) was not an issue because discipline doesn't work the way other healing trees do. They openly admitted that they have no clue at all how discipline works, and then I knew what the real issue was. It wasn't my healing, it was their ignorance.

    So, to sum it up in a nutshell, OP, don't be bothered by ignorant players. I still get it from time to time by total bads, as well (omg disc is useless your HPS is shit blah blah blah), but I don't let the words of bads bother me. You can't teach eveyr old dog new tricks, but those that actually understand and are willing to admit they are wrong will be grateful to you for providing all of the services you do. Trust me on that.
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    Re: Getting kicked for being Disc

    I had a similar experiene the other day, teh real problem was that the Holy RL was a priest ???

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