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    Best warlock pve spec?

    i know that this thing has been asked like 10 thousand times but i currently returned leveling my lock and i want to know what is the best spec for pve at 80 , from what ive seen from sims it seems that affli and demo are the best than very close destro. what do you think?

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    Re: Best warlock pve spec?

    I think you have just answered your own Question

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    Re: Best warlock pve spec?

    Whatever you feel like playing. Want something simple? Destro. Want something a little harder but bigger numbers? Affliction. I wouldn't go demo until you reach ToC25 geared +

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    Re: Best warlock pve spec?

    The Beauty of being a warlock at this point is if you can play either of the specs correctly you can and will do some very nice damage. There isn't THE SPEC like for mages and arcane, You can play any of the warlock specs and do fine. Just depends on your playing style. Pick the spec that looks like it will suit you well, Learn it well, you'll do fine.
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    Re: Best warlock pve spec?

    My opinion is go destro first at lower gear level, experince.
    Mid game doesn't matter much, w/e you like the best.
    Late game first depneds on your raid composition. If you want to top the meter go affli.

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    Re: Best warlock pve spec?

    yeah, blizz has pretty much balanced all the specs into being equal dps... one may do better than the other, but usually it depends on your gear... just play the spec you enjoy the most...

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