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    inner focus + SWP?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to cast inner focus and then shadow word pain for the extra 25% crit for the whole fight? Does this work? Thanks in advanced!

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    All I want is a link to where I can find an answer or a definitive yes/no answer. I have looked everywhere I can think including this site's forums and cannot find anything...

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    Shadowpriest.com doesn't even mention it. Just sayin'

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    I just wanted a straight up answer... but apparently I am not going to get it from you elitist jerks...

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    lol please use the search function it will help you. If you did on either this forum or shadowpriest.com you would have found your answer.

    No is the answer btw. If you potion of wild magic and/or use never melting ice crystal and then cast sw that will keep the crit effect as long as you refresh with mind flay.

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    Just saying, if it worked before, we would have specced into it when crit first affected dots.

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    Quote Originally Posted by seam
    Shadowpriest.com doesn't even mention it. Just sayin'
    You didn't search at all. Just sayin'

    Please, OP, use the search better and actually look at shadowpriest.com before coming here.


    The thread that literally goes over everything about rolling crit on SW:P and it says it right before they go into the discussion.

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    How I think it works is that you get the bonus crit until either you manually recast it or you MF.

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    Re: inner focus + SWP?

    To clarify my original post a bit: No. No, no, no, no.

    Seriously, this has been talked about so many bloody times. IF doesn't give crit to SW:P and never has. The rumor that it works until auto-refresh is based on some extremely tiny tests where they just happened to crit a few extra times. Most of those tests show retarded results like going from 24% crit to 75%+ crit. It'd be like casting Mind Flay twice and saying that's your average crit rate. :

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