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Thread: Ke$ha

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    Re: Ke$ha

    I like Ke$ha, especially because of her background and the way she works.
    You misspelt Britney.
    I like the fact that I've seen like at least 3 people here who like Lady Gaga(awesomeness incarnated).
    Meh I don't find her that attractive.

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    Re: Ke$ha

    grab my glasses im out the door
    im gonna hit this city.
    *hum hum hum*

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    Re: Ke$ha

    Songs are alright, they're catchy but she uses auto-tune and it's pretty obvious and makes her voice annoying.

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    Re: Ke$ha

    = slut music
    Quote Originally Posted by Gulo
    Clothes are merely a setback!

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    Re: Ke$ha

    she sounds like shes on the verge of puking a lot, must be all the alcohol and cocaine. honestly, reading her history, she sounds like a person that could have had a lot of potential, but instead wasted it making shit music and partying all the time

    at the end of the day shes just a selfish whore that only wants money

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    Re: Ke$ha

    Where is the "effin' terrible" option?
    Alma, alma, piros alma, ha nem ízlik harapj szarba
    Széna, szalma, köpönyeg, nyálazd meg a tökömet
    Ak engem baszogat, vegye be a faszomat!

    Irnlord, biggest troll on Terenas EU - Horde.

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    Re: Ke$ha

    She's hot.
    TikTok is good the rest of the album is freakin horrible.

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    Re: Ke$ha

    Quote Originally Posted by Veroth
    She sure does suck, but here songs are catchy as shit + I'd hit it
    I registered on MMO-Champion and all I got was this lousy signature.

    I'm a cynic. Deal with it!

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    Re: Ke$ha

    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker better than the original tbh
    This. Somebody has talent amg

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    Re: Ke$ha

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Azeroth
    Before you make baseless assumption about someone, you should atleast do the simplistic of google searches and actually educate yourself before you make yourself look a giant tool.
    Not sure who this is directed towards, but if she doesn't want to be portrayed as a drunk whore, maybe she shouldn't write and preform songs like she is one. What you posted changed absolutely nothing on my opinion of her. Nice try, though.

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    Re: Ke$ha

    A few good songs, a lot of bad ones.
    Nothing too original though.
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    Stood in the Fire Wakwazu's Avatar
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    Re: Ke$ha

    I think she is the American version of Uffie

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    Fluffy Kitten Myrrar's Avatar
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    Re: Ke$ha

    She's like Gaga, hot body with a manly face.

    Her music isn't my type but at least she writes it herself.

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    Re: Ke$ha

    Only singer to be auto tuned off key.
    You can tell WoW changed the MMO for good when players started complaining about the amount of time they sink, into a time sink.

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