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    Racism and Stereotypes

    So, the other day I was playing WoW, and on vent. This apparent black individual comes on and starts chatting away and saying random shit, disses, and taunting. I don't care, I was tuning it out for the most part. He started to get really loud and a couple of people told him to STFU. He refused and continued doing his typical bullshit. One person started to argue with him over a mundane thing, I forget what...but all of the sudden I hear him blurt out, "Look at this white cracker, thinks hes so smart n' shit. Damn wigga, man I bet yo' white fat ass can't get a foot of da ground." I decided to blurt in, seeing as its quite an opportune time, I calmly say, "Shit, get your black ass out of here and go to KFC and get yourself some fried chicken with grape soda, then get some damn watermelon for dessert, but watch out, there's a pool in front, so good luck."

    He bursts out at me with all profanities, calling me a racist this and that, how if I told that to him face to face I'd get my ass handed to me. I mute him and go on with my daily grind...but I have a question. Why is it ok, even accepted for minorities to discriminate, and be racist to white people, but when I throw a few stereoptypical terms in there, the shit hits the fan for him so to speak? It also seems that a lot of them play the race card frequently...if I get in a fight with someone in basketball, its not cause he made a bullshit foul call or is being to physical, but its his skin color...really?
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    Re: Racism and Stereotypes

    Correct, its not okay for minorities to discriminate. Nor is it okay for you to do the same even though "they started it". Someone needs a timeout.

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