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    Question about BoA weapon

    I'm looking to level a priest. I currently have the BoA badge hammer with a spell power enchant on it. Is it worth getting the staff to level with so I'm not constantly trying to find a good OH to go with the hammer?

    I realize the 'optimal' thing to do would be to grab the staff, but is it really that big of a difference?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Question about BoA weapon

    ya id opt staff, primarilly for the more int/sta... once you get to 60-70 it's probably a tossup with an offhand within a few levels

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    Re: Question about BoA weapon

    You should enchant it with 22 int and not SP. 22 int is a massive value that also increases inherent mana regen. Raw stats are very powerful for the first 40 levels or so and are not downscaled as painfully as SP is.
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    Re: Question about BoA weapon

    Personally I just leveled a priest, and I had both the hammer and the staff. Kept the hammer in the bag to compare it when getting quest reward and dungeon offhands just to see, and not once in the process from 1-70 (finally put it away) did the hammer + quest/dungeon offhand stats ever exceed the staff.

    Im sure I missed some offhands along the way, but also assuming you are using the shoulders and chest for the exp buff, you will level so fast, constantly looking for an offhand is a waste of time.

    Just for reference i also used 2 of the spell power/mana return BOA trinkets... Leveling the priest was dot, dot, dot, fear, rinse, repeat, Ding!

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