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    God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    This makes me a sad panda.

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    Quote Originally Posted by supazio
    I know everyone else is too lazy so whenever I run voa I just tricks the highest melee dps every cooldown. And I don't even have the set boner. ???
    Quote Originally Posted by Mondroc
    Hang on, you were going to make a class that you never see the race as with one of the new races, and then decide not to because you'll actually see aforementioned new race? Make does this sense not.

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    yea same here i would gladly give up any xbox exclusive for god of war. I think they owe it cause they got ninja gaiden lol

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    Yeah watching all those gameplay videos make me sad that Microsoft doesn't really have a game that's like that. Dante's Inferno tried, and failed. If only the game wasn't made directly by Sony Santa Monica : /

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    I'm glad that the Playstation 3 gets a game that othes can look at and go "Man, I wish I had that."
    Quite frankly, I hope it never leaks to other consoles. We need a game that can make others envy and call our own.

    We all need a tune to wipe to. I personally enjoy the sound of my teams' own screams.

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    Just like GoW1&2 were PS2 only.

    Game exclusives do nothing but make both company's lose money by denying the other side a perfectly good game.

    Along with feed the Fanboy Wars

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    well thats something you could expect.

    since Gow 1+2 were originally for the ps3,
    as the person above here said aswel,
    they will hold it like that.

    Same as Xbox 360 and fable/mass effect/Forza Motorsport.

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    sorry we don't owe x box users any rights to even moan about an official exclusive. we get shafted on dlc cause microsoft chucks silly amounts of money to keep it theirs. take GTA for instance. how long have we waited for the bad DLC.

    finally we get something you guys are whining about and quite frankly its about time.
    GoW has been a sony thing since it began. why should it change now. will halo come to playstation? i dont think so.

    quite your whining and upgrade to a ps3, i have my dusty x box stored in the spare room and it stays there untouched untill they give me a good enough reason to pay for x box live.

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Azeroth
    Looks like PS3 finally has a game.
    You mean another game, for me personally PS3 has the best exclusives.

    However I do have both consoles, I have an xbox 360 because I have tons of friends with an xbox so it gives me a great live experience. I have a PS3 for the good games such as MGS, Uncharted, GoW, Heavy Rain. Theres not a single exclusive game for the xbox I thought was really really good, Gears of War was decent but far from fantastic and the other exclusives I have been greatly disapointed in.

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    Re: God of War 3 Only for PS3?

    Lets just hope that the current PS3 calendar fiasco hasn't caused more severe or permanent (hard to fix) damage. The messages greeting me this morning did not make me happy.

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