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    Disc Priest - After a certain amount of haste and crit, what's next?

    Hey all!

    So, currently I'm sitting on 11% haste and 31% holy crit, both unbuffed. These I assume are the disc priest caps according to forums and general consensus.

    So after that, what's the next stat to stack? More spell power and intellect? Or continue on stacking haste for when I'm not buffed with BT?

    Here's my armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...rock&cn=Raevan

    Please note: Yes there are some gear with hit but it was a huge upgrade!

    I would also appreciate some feedback and comments please, especially my spec and gems.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Disc Priest - After a certain amount of haste and crit, what's next?

    You have 2 choices. Either go for pure spellpower to improve throughput, or you can push well beyond the flash heal haste cap (into the region of 600 ish haste) and start going for a much more greater-heal orientated build. All depends on what you are doing.

    If you are the raid-support healer, go for spellpower. If you find yourself tank healing, go for more haste.

    Spec + gemming

    You do not need that much intellect. Your character sheet shows you at almost 29k mana, completely unbuffed, you do not need that much, especially as your build is for flash healing. Replace all those int gems with with haste, crit or pure spellpower, depending on what you want.

    As disc, you should not be using renew enough to warrant putting any points into it whatsoever. If you like renew, go holy. Sure, put renew on the tank, but do not spec for it, it is almost 3 wasted talent points.
    If I were you I would put those points into Divine Fury, it makes all those spells more useful. If you never use greater heal and never smite, thn put those 3 points into Spell warding for extra survivability.
    The rest of your spec seems fine.
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
    Your post is so drenched in frustration and sarcasm that it's really ruining my salad.

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    Re: Disc Priest - After a certain amount of haste and crit, what's next?

    Nothing else.

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    Re: Disc Priest - After a certain amount of haste and crit, what's next?

    Those generalizations are quite old, and has actually started to die out. If you're stopping at 11% haste, then you're kicking yourself itemization wise. Ideally, the best thorough put disc set has only Int, Crit and Haste on it. You're not holy, you do not have the spi -> sp conversion, so spi is totally useless for thorough put if you do not go OOM. MP5 is useless for pure thorough put too.

    Now, that does not mean to also gather a regen set, because getting a regen set will make LK soooooooo much easier on the mana, since the only thing you'll be doing is shield spamming anyway.

    Your gems, should be SP, SP/Int or SP/haste depending on in you need more regen or not. When you get more haste you'll need more regen, so in a way, you might not actually get to the point of being able to gem SP/Haste.

    Also, Revitalize has a thing against Disc priest using GH. I suggest, until you've actually done research, to disregard the posts of his that bash GH or you might be more apt to agree with him before you start searching.

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    Re: Disc Priest - After a certain amount of haste and crit, what's next?

    All gear is going to be itemized with base SP and int. The variable assigned stats are haste/crit/mp5/spirit/hit, and pieces will have two of them. For disc, spirit provides no throughput, nor does mp5 or hit, so it's pretty clear that gear with SP, crit, and haste will be ideal for throughput.

    As Fabian said, some fights take heavy tolls on our mana, such as Lich King where you're spamming PWS and not able to take advantage of the rapture multi-proc. For this fight, swap out a few slots with some other gear you've replaced over time and re-gem them purely for intellect (for this fight value int>mp5>spirit>crit>haste). Yes you will lose some SP, but your main job there is to effectively eliminate the impact of Infest, and you'll need a very large mana pool to do so for the ~15 minutes you'll mostly be PWS-spamming. (edit - if well geared, 10-man LK isn't that bad to heal in throughput gear... 25-man is far too shield spammy)

    Throughput, until you have a problem with mana after exhausting all CD's it is the way you should be going. Personally I gem fully for SP (except for Royal in helm b/c I'm enough of a hypocrite to - but not enough of an idiot that I wouldn't - trade 2SP for 5mp5) and opt for haste/crit wherever possible.

    You shouldn't need to gem for haste/crit, as sockets are the only place you can really add SP, and you can get to a very healthy level without (I'm at 850 haste, 40% holy crit w/ no H ICC25 gear).

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