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    youtube graphics better?

    Is it just me or do games look better on youtube then they actually do?

    for example, someone told me LOTRO had even better graphics then AoC..So I d/l the trial, selected hi res graphics download, set to full, and played..but the graphics looked like shit compared to the videos...

    do games just look better on youtube due to the smaller screen size (the youtube video box as opposed to monitor size?)
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    Re: youtube graphics better?

    Game Trailers are usually Pre-Rendered Images that look much better than In-Game Graphics.

    But if you play a game for Graphics alone, then your going to buy a bunch of bad games.

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    Re: youtube graphics better?

    yes they are polished versions and tbh LOTR sucks anyhow, bought it played it took it back within 3 days.

    graphics are an important part of any game though, think about if some1 released a game with near ps2 graphics, it maybe the best game ever made for a console but you will lose half your market due to it being crap looking and generally not have the same sensory experiances you get from a graphically advanced game.

    but i'm not saying buy the game with the best graphics, not at all, there are many games which have a great balance the key is finding those gems.

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