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    Logical / puzzle games

    Hey I am a very big fan of logical and puzzle games, and in general everything where you need to complete different thinks by thinking logic.

    Lately I've played Braid and Trine (Last named is one of the best games I've played in a long time) But I've complated both and would like to know if anyone here at MMO know other games like these?
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    Re: Logical / puzzle games

    I still revisit Braid and Trine with regular intervals. However, i dont think Trine was very difficult, which bummed me down a bit. Eventually, you will have massive regen with the thief, and simply spam arrows, using the wizard to make platforms. I still revisit it once in a while to find those last 5 experience bottles i need, or to give myself a challenge and only play through the levels with one character. While its a fun game (and with amazing graphics and atmosphere), i would like a bit more incentive to switch to other characters.

    Braid was brilliant, although it i would miss more different levels. Many levels are simply repeats with different rules, and while this might be a challenge, it does get a bit stale.

    In terms of brain games, i quite like small flash games. They don't have to be long, but anything that challenges my creativity is welcomed. If i was to mention one just off the top of my head, the game The Company of Myself is a nice little puzzle game. What i enjoy about these games is that you can easely pick it up, play it for 30 minutes to complete it, and then go find something else. Its like prodding my brain to get running for a little boost.
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