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    Spirit or mp5


    Haste offpieces why ofc, but i should be running double healer soon with a pally warrior. Was thinking of getting regen gear bcuz im sure ima run out of mana fast, and these matches are gonna be slow . But i bought the spirit cloak, equiped it and it gave 19mp5 while casting, while theres a 30 mp5 cloak available. I got 6% spirit from disc talent, and should get kings so thats 16% spirit. Taking that in consideration what would u advice, spirit or mp5? And what about with only 6% spirit increase? I should be the 1 getting tunneled probably.

    Dont care about bg's quite obviously, my question is about arena and arena only

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    Re: Spirit or mp5

    Mp5 for PvP.

    Spirit is crap.

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    Re: Spirit or mp5

    Any math or explanation to back that up?

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    Re: Spirit or mp5

    Quote Originally Posted by Erelyn
    Any math or explanation to back that up?
    Mp5 is while casting regen.
    Spirit affects out of casting regen better.

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    Re: Spirit or mp5

    Somebody called for maths?

    I already did a rough estimate for this scenario in a stickypost above. Unfortunately, that was for PVE holypriests, not PVP discpriests. Spirit is not remotely as good for a discpriest as for a holypriest (no holy concentration). And to make matters worse, you are not likely not have a full set of raidbuffs in PVP. In fact, buffs have a tendency to vanish in the blink of an eye.

    OOFSR spirit regen formula, taken from wowwiki:
    regen_per_5 = 5 * spirit * 0.6 * sqrt(int) * 0.005575
    FSR regen is half of that. thanks to meditation
    Assuming no stat boosters:
    At 1294 int, you will get 0.30 MP5 FSR per point of spirit.
    At 2000 int, you will get 0.37 MP5 FSR per point of spirit.
    At 3000 int, you will get 0.45 MP5 FSR per point of spirit.
    At 3600 int, you will get 0.50 MP5 FSR per point of spirit.

    Discpriests get 6% spirit statboost from talents.
    Meaning 3400 int will net you 0.5 MP5 per point of spirit.
    This equals the gains from MP5.

    But... you will not attain that amount of intellect.
    And as such, MP5 is vastly outperforming spirit for a PVP discpriest.
    Of course, unless you can massively take advantage of OOFSR time; but I would argue you are doing it wrong if you can.

    Concluding, spirit is outperforming MP5 given massive amounts of intellect. But for a disc priest, this is not an amount that is attainable.

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    Re: Spirit or mp5

    Thx danner

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    Re: Spirit or mp5
    Is what im going to get.
    Its near ideal for ANY 3v3/5v5 Comp.

    For 2's i would go heavier on haste (neck/cape/MH)

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