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    AH addons

    Wish to see people recommendations for AH addons, cause I'm back in the game after few months break.

    I haven't used Auctionator, but Auctioneer, so I'm interested in some pros and cons for those two or other addons.

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    Re: AH addons


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    Re: AH addons

    I use AuctionLite, just try it yourself

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    Re: AH addons

    Auctionator is especially good, It's posting window is very easy to use & you can set it to auto undercut what ever anyone else has listed by 1c or what every you fancy so it pretty much removes the need to think while listing :P

    My favorite feature about it is it's "more" tab which will via one click check if any of your auctions have been undercut and then give you the option to cancel all the ones that have or to cancel just the ones you fancy.

    If you like to make gold from buying crafting mats, crafting and selling then the buy window is very nice for setting up searches you use frequently, obviously it can be used for anything but i mostly save my crafting mats searches.

    I also like the addon Potential Profit - it really does nothing uimportant, but its nice to see what all of your auctions would net you if they sold :P It hasn't been updated in years, but as long as you have run out of date set it works fine.

    Hope that helps.... good luck....wait for the gold to roll in

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    Re: AH addons

    I have only used Auctioneer myself, but AuctionLite and Auctionator seem good alternatives for something a little less resource heavy if a bit more feature light.
    If one of those provides all you need, then it will do you just fine.
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    Re: AH addons

    I really like Auctionator. Batch posting is easy and I like how you check for undercuts and cancel them at the same time.

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    Re: AH addons

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemaster
    I use AuctionLite, just try it yourself
    I use Auctionlite too.

    I hate other Auction Add-ons like Auctioneer, because they have a ton of useless features, and devour memory. I just want to go to the AH and sell my crap.

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    Re: AH addons

    Auctioneer is realy nice. It also let's you check the AH even away from the "normal AH" in the capital cities. It only requires around 12 min AH scan wich also upgrades the database.

    For example, I'm going for world explored atm, and I'm
    often flying a loooooong way, like from moonglade to feralas (10 min). Instead of looking at the beautiful landscape, I can now buy my uncut epic gems, cut them and sell them with 40g profit each.
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    Re: AH addons

    Thanks for the useful feedback, guys

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    Re: AH addons

    Auctioneer and Quick Auctions are my choices. I use the first to buy mainly, even though I also sell a few items sometimes with it. For selling in bigger quantities I use QA because it gives you to option to create groups of items (for example, glyphs) and price them according to several criteria you can specify yourself. But if you don't usually sell hundreds of profession items, like glyphs, flasks, or whatever, just stick with Auctioneer and you'll be fine.
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    Re: AH addons

    I'm still using auctionator, i use it for more than a year and never keeps me down..
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