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    Returning after 6 months and need advice...

    Title says it all. I am returning after a 6 month break. I was healing 10/25 ToC & Ulduar when I left (not that it means much, but as a guage). I do not plan on doing much raiding for a while at least, but wanted to get some advice on things I need to be aware of as I ease back in. Changes in what stats to focus on, ICC Heroics to target first, changes in mechanics.

    I have been skimming the forums and what not to get a feel for it, but any info helps.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Returning after 6 months and need advice...

    It would be helpful if you gave what spec you are.

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    Re: Returning after 6 months and need advice...

    Sorry about that. I was running standard Disc main spec and Holy as off. At the time, I was focusing on Haste,Crit, Int and SP as needed. PoM on CD always, Pre-shield as needed, Flash Heal or Renew depending on type of Damage and PoH if time, or anticipating raid damage spike.


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    Re: Returning after 6 months and need advice...

    For Disc, focus on Int, Crit, Haste and SP for the most part. If you are ever in need of regen, for disc at least, Int > MP5 > Spi, only in special conditions is that regen priority system broken.

    2 Spi = 1 MP5 itemization wise and 1 Spi = 0.365 MP5 regen wise
    So 2 Spi = 0.73 MP5 regen wise

    So we can conclude that if an item has exact same stats except 1 one has Spi and the other MP5, you should take the one with MP5. But say if an item has Spi 3x that of another item with MP5 for whatever reason, as long as they have the same Int, the one with Spi will be better for regen.

    Someone with more holy experience than I will probably tell you how to gear for holy.

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