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    Shadow: VT Dispel Coefficient


    Does everyone know the spellpower coefficient of the "Boom"/Dispel - Effect of Vampiric Touch?
    I've founded no answer on wowwiki and everybody says something different..


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    Re: Shadow: VT Dispel Coefficient

    I've seen this asked a few times on the (EU) forums quite a few times before, and noone seems to know the answer, unfortunetly.

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    Re: Shadow: VT Dispel Coefficient


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    Re: Shadow: VT Dispel Coefficient

    After doing the math myself, I ended at 140% before adding talents as Darkness, Shadowform and Shadow Weaving. It might not be 100% right, since I cba respecc to a spriest tree without Darkness to see how it affects the tooltip. But if Darkness affects the basedamage on the tooltip, the coefficient would even higher.

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