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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    I have too many favorites

    Just checked my channel. 1,1k Favorites ;(

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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    Makes me want to learn the Charleston.

    There's a second one too.


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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    I absolutely love this movie, and this small clip of the movie posted on youtube. It speaks to me.
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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    Tetris God. I laugh every time.

    Star Wars: The Phantom Menace movie review.

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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    It's the Charlie bit my finger! video :3
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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid. this one is so funny, all of Julian Smith's clips are awesome!

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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    Burnout gone horribly wrong.

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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    That my brothers and sisters is the Greatest Film in the History of Mankind PERIOD.
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    Re: Favorite Youtube vid.

    anything from sxephil
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    I also love reading Web Comics. So, a few days ago, I found a video adaptation of one of my favorite Web Comics on Youtube. This Web Comic happens to be VG Cats ( The Voice Actors for this were great at their jobs, they got the characters down perfectly, and the editing was very well done for a literal adaption of a Web Comic

    This is the first of about 15 Videos, a Annotation pops up at the end that you can click which send you to the next video.
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    120 - got to love "How I Met Your Mother" , its cringe-worthy yet oddly addictive lol.

    And good ol' Charlie the unicorn <3
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    i wanted to do this to my best friends wife i hated her when they got toghter in high school but i didnt go throgh with it.

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    or maybe this

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