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    changed my long time twink to main and am now kindly requesting your opinion/suggestions.

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    New toys, could use an extra pair of eyes to help me check over my reforging for maximized secondaries.

    (I know about needing mastery for hands, don't have the mats for it yet. Spec's weird because I run a hybrid for FL)

    Once I get the rep for APS, which would be better to take out --- Prestor's?
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    All guides that I read tell me, that I should go for hit/exp caps and haste after that with 4pc t12. Nevertheless, Askmrrobot AND rawr both still want me to reforge into crit/mastery. What am i doing wrong? Here my character:


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    Heyas, I'm having the same issue as Schaendwich... I feel I should be going for hit/exp cap but RAWR is telling me different

    Thanks ahead of time. <3

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    Anything you think needs changing ?


    Beaten by a rogue on H Shannox last night, Not sure what I'm doing wrong, anything you can suggest to improve on ?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon859 View Post

    Beaten by a rogue on H Shannox last night, Not sure what I'm doing wrong, anything you can suggest to improve on ?


    he had about 4% of his damage as cleave from Blade Furry and about 1% more uptime so in terms of single target you would be ahead. your Rip uptime was 92.6% which could be improved. if you're looking to min-max you should run out and leap/ravage on cooldown, if you can manage your rage to time it so your Rake is refreshed during TF and you also are able to line that run out/leap/Ravage up then you could squeeze a couple hundred more DPS out.

    edit - oh and you probably would have beaten him if you'd pre-potted
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    Is my gear in order ? should i be running higher haste than mastery ?, also when i break my 4set do i go back to mastery ?

    thanks in advance

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    You could easily drop a little bit of hit/expertise, you are over the caps atm which means that some of your stats are contributing 0.0 to your dps. Hit/exp aren't that far ahead of other stats that you have to cap them no matter the sacrifice.

    Try the following changes:

    Head: Remove reforge
    Neck : Mastery -> Hit
    Shoulders : Mastery -> Expertise
    Back : Mastery -> Expertise
    Chest : Crit -> Hit
    Wrists : Crit -> Hit
    Waist: Remove reforge
    Legs : Mastery -> Haste
    Feet : Mastery -> Expertise
    Splintered Brimstone Seal : Mastery -> Expertise
    Weapon : Crit -> Hit
    Relic : Crit -> Expertise

    Should take you to 863 hit, 759 expertise, 1396 haste, 1338 mastery and 934 crit.

    And yep, once you get rid of 4T12, drop hit/expertise and go back to mastery.

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    Thanks! This still leaves the question though, why rawr says that mastery > haste, although i have the 4pc bonus and all guides say otherwise

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    e /silvermoon/Awlden/simple

    Hi, was just hoping for any tips or whatever, I tried going haste> but it didn't seem that good, so i tried going back to mastery crit for now. But I'd still like to hear you guys opinion. My dps varies atm on bosses but is around 27k on shannox and easy mode fights.

    (remove spaces from link)

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    One other question, Should i be using FB during my burst phase at the beginning of each fight ? my usual rotation for entry is FF-Charge-Mangle-Shred-If 5cp pop berserk/TF-Rip-Rake-Shred to 5cp SR-Shred to 5cp-FB-Shred/rake to 5cp-FB again-Shred to 5cp-Refresh Rip-Shred to 5cp-FB before berserk ends giving me on average 38-40 second Berserk uptime, Should i be using FB this much ? or just hard out shreding, Also during BiTW Phase under 25% should i be pooling energy and FB as much as possible ? or just shreding and FB when i need to refresh Rip,

    I know this is a bit off topic but any advice would help alot , thanks

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    Always FB if you can do it without messing with your buff/debuff uptimes.

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    I've read all the stickies here, at EJ, and a couple blogs. From my understanding when I picked up my four piece and The Matrix Restabilizer I would need to ensure that my mastery rating was lower than my haste rating. I was also under the impression that the 2 piece made hit/exp valuable not only for aoe, but single target. My stat priority is Hit/Exp close to cap, then haste,mastery,crit in that order.

    The thing is, with The Matrix Restabilizer instead of ancient petrified seed I was using before I'm actually doing less damage. If I use the ancient petrified seed instead of the hungerer then The Matrix Restabilizer procs mastery, which from what I've read is bad.

    So my question is this: What am I doing wrong? Is the reforging bad, or is it something to do with rotation? Are my procs just lining up at a bad time, or am I just at the point where I'm not going to do more damage without higher iLvL gear?

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    just looking for some tips on reforging and gemming.

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    Can you show some logs of before/after?

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    4 set with hit capped. For some reason i Cannot for the life of me pull atleast even 2k dps. I use the addon feral by night and it just doenst seem to help. Please help me out!
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    Wondering if i can have a hand with min/maxing for my current gear, running with haste prio (got the seed for rep sitting in bags too) (i know my specs a little unsual, currently running with the spell reduction from guilds request while on raggy)

    Pulling around 27-30k ish with full up time on boss and as long as i dont mess up, wondering if i can push some more. Thanks in advance for taking a look at me <3

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    Hi guys . Im new on this forum . Could someone pleas help me with my Cat. my dps is around 15k and i know it can be higher . I cant post links yet so my nick is Szafix on Defias Brotherhood EU realm. Thanks for help

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    got my 4pc today since i can't link my armory again Sarkwen kul'tiras US. thanks again for the help
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    Was just looking through this thread. Tons of helpful info but I am confused as all hell! As I gradually pickup new gear I am confusing myself so much what to reforce for and what gear to actually use. Here are the items I have available to me.

    4 PC T11 (Legs, Gloves, Chest, Shoulder)
    3 PC T12 (Legs, Gloves, Chest)
    Ancient Petrified Seed
    Unheeded Warning
    Fluid Death
    Matrix Restabilizer
    Shoulderpads of the Forgotton Gate
    Cinderweb Leggings

    I am trying to find the optimal setup until I can win a damn roll on T12 shoulders or helm. Please let me know what you guys think is the best combo and what I should be re-gemming for. I feel like such a bum for asking but I greatly appreciate any input.

    Here is my armory atm (I just reforged a bunch trying out new sets but couldnt really figure anything worthwhile out =( )

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