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    Resto Druid - Mythic Gorfiend - Inside the bell help

    So my guild is still working on mythic Gorfiend. As a resto druid, I'm having problems healing the caster ghost to near full while I'm inside the stomach. Currently I try to hit each one with a rejuv or 2 to get them rolling, and then regrowth them a few times.

    I currently have HotW talent and it seems like I do better when I pop that, but I was trying to save it for feast of souls. I don't seem to have mana issues, so was thinking about using an int potion while inside, but haven't had a chance yet to try that out. Figured I'd ask some of the other resto druid's that have finished the fight on what their strategy was.

    My character is Brokentooth-Elune. I tried to post my armor link but I haven't posted enough yet to post links...


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    What I did was Lfiebloom and double rejuv and then pop genesis. Also swiftmend with SotF and Regrowth whenever you can, and use Nature's Swiftness. It's really hard to heal as resto druid inside the belly but double rejuv + genesis is great.
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    It is not really worth using Genesis, as you likely aren't re-applying HoTs to that same Essence after Genesis removes them, and the original HoTs would have had nearly full duration on them regardless. Thus, Genesis does not increase the healing to the Essences at all.

    I don't use any CDs in the stomach other than Nature's Swiftness, as HotW/Tree/Tranq are all better suited for healing during Feast of Souls. Simply Lifebloom and double Rejuvenation each essence. Then use swiftmend and NS+RG off CD on them. I like to save my second Swiftmend and only NS for the fourth Essence, as usually you are broken out before you can fully HoT up this add. This is a rough breakdown of what the "rotation" should look like:

    LB Essence 1 -> Rejuv Essence 1 -> Rejuv Essence 1 -> Swiftmend Essence 1 -> LB Essence 2 -> Rejuv Essence 2 -> Rejuv Essence 2 -> LB Essence 3 -> Rejuv Essence 3 -> Rejuv Essence 3 -> LB Essence 4 -> Rejuv Essence 4 -> NS+RG Essence 4 -> Swiftmend Essence 4 -> Rejuv Essence 4.

    By doing this, Essence 1 should be reaching the center of the stomach by the time you LB Essence 3, which means you can have near 100% uptime on LB on ALL current Essences in the stomach.

    While our healing on Essences isn't as fast or clean as a healer like a Paladin, we still do a lot of healing to them over time.

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    Thank you Lavathing, I was looking at your blog previously and it's helped me greatly. Thanks everyone for the help, I'll try tomorrow and see how it goes.

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    Is it worth using the glyph of blooming for this fight while inside the stomach?

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    Some of how you approach it depends on comp, gear level, and how many healers you have. Less healers (or certain comps) means less wiggle room on feast. These days we just slop through it, and our parse happy DPS just breaks us out too early anyway. But, when it did matter, I settled on this (after trying all sorts of stuff):

    LB>Regrowth (with swiftmend on CD and NS) spam was by far the most reliable and consistent way to go. Additionally, we used ring and most of our personal cool-downs in the stomach, including me using ToL and HotW. If timing works out on when you are pulled for the stomach, you can even get ToL on every Stomach and HotW twice (assuming 3 feasts). Ring is neat because each group can use it just for those two healers, and since they are phased, it is always ready for the next time and no one elses triggers.

    Why this approach?

    1. Comp. Other healers, particularly Holy Paladins and Shaman, can snipe your HoTs with bombs, making your carefully planned LB + 2X rejuv a complete waste, even if you try to use Genesis.

    2. Control. This relates to #1, LB>Regrowth allows far more control over what you are healing, and you do not waste time Hotting an essence that just gets LoHed (often by just a Ret or Tank). Having 3 essences at 80%-90% up top is better than 2 at 50%.

    3. Feast is honestly the easiest part of the fight to heal (especially with leech trinkets and Druids/Monks). What really wipes you is late combinations of essences + touch of doom (as they are stacked/explode closer to the raid), or other incidental damage on top of it. Wiping on feast was rarely an issue, with a proper CD map the ring (and other personal CDs) was just sniping and/or over-healing. Therefore we found that healing essences in the stomach was a far better use of CDs (other than tranq, HTT, VEs, Ags, barriers, bombs, SLT etc..) than on feast.

    4. It is simple and consistent!

    So just simply pop ToL+HotW+(ring if your group allows it), apply LB to each pair (they spawn in a 2+2+1 pattern), use swiftmend on CD and NS on anything but the first 2 (they usually get bombed, the last is often the best spot) and spam regrowth as needed. With those CDs you can honesty keep up with any healer other than a Pally with Wings.

    Now, one caveat, if you do not have someone who organizes and calls raid CDs during feast (or are under-healing for you gear level), that may not be an option. But hopefully you do!

    Also, this is also the one fight I used glyph of blooming.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Left out that Swiftmend will obviously need a Rejuv to use, so yeah, there are 2-3 rejuvs you can use to allow SM. The main idea is that it is a CD+Regrowth centered approach. The big bomb instant regrowths/swiftmend/NS give lots of control and are easy to use in an already funky phase with UI and targeting pains.

    Also, this fight is probably the most varied in how Druids approached it, lots of methods work! Really depends on your specific group IMO.

    Lava's approach is one solid way, I thought I would throw in my approach so you can adapt as needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyBart View Post
    Thank you Lavathing, I was looking at your blog previously and it's helped me greatly. Thanks everyone for the help, I'll try tomorrow and see how it goes.

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    Is it worth using the glyph of blooming for this fight while inside the stomach?
    Thanks, glad to hear! It's always encouraging to hear some of my work has helped others, motivates me to write more.

    Also, as Spruce says, this is one of the only fights I'd recommend Glyph of Blooming on. I talked "in-depth" about Glyph of Blooming here, and this particular fight (Gorefiend) minimizes the downsides of overhealing and the need to refresh LB more often that I mentioned. This is because Essences have zero overhealing until they are topped and you will be frequently changing LB targets (between Essences, tanks going under, you going under, etc) that the reduced duration is hardly noticed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sprucelee View Post
    Lava's approach is one solid way, I thought I would throw in my approach so you can adapt as needed.
    Yes, there are several ways to approach healing the Essences. As you mentioned, I think healing comp and how geared/experienced your raid team is are the determining factors. At the start of the tier your strategy would likely yield more favorable results on progression. However, with current gear, legendary rings, etc CDs are no longer needed to top essences off. Additionally, with current gear DPS should make quick work of any escaped Essences.

    Adapt your strategy based on what your raid team needs. If Essences making it outside is the reason why you are wiping and Feasts aren't giving you too many issues, then use more CDs/mana (via more RG) inside. If low-life Essences are quickly killed outside and you're hurting for healing during Feasts, make sure to save CDs and mana for Feasts. Also, you can change your strategy each time you get sent down depending on which healer you are paired with. If you go down with a Hpally/Rshaman, wasting mana on RG or using CDs is probably not worth it. They will do most of the heavy lifting and "supporting" their large heals with your HoTs will be sufficient. However, if you go down with a Hpriest or another Rdruid, perhaps using a CD and/or burning some mana with RG is the correct choice.

    Best of luck!

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