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    Emblem of Frost Help

    I have no idea what I should be doing with my frost emblems.


    I primarily heal, I have 277 emblems just sitting there. Its hard to imagine the improved ilevel on the gear will make up for the t9 2piece, I get with hands and chest.

    Shoulders and Hat would be downgrades as far as stats go and I want the 2pc t10 bonus, but I am not so keen on downgrading gear. I sometimes end up in 25m pugs, but mostly run 10m content with my guild. Its not too much of a stretch to think I'll be chewing glass on hard modes next week in 10s.

    Should I just suck it up and drop them into t10 healing items, make boots and get offset stuff or just drop them into shadow and enjoy the times I get to facemelt?

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    Re: Emblem of Frost Help

    First I'll have to note that I only have holy as my offspec, so I may not be totally into all the details of holy.
    I would probably go for the healer trinket first, then maybe consider getting the crit/spirit cloak aswell (though the one from saurfang25 propably would be better) and there is the belt which is a strict upgrade from the one you have already.

    About the tier bonus, the t9 two piece is still very decent, though your pieces are only 232. My advice is to keep running totc25 and hoping for some trophies to get those pieces upgraded. As to getting the t10 2 piece, i'm not sure it worth it to downgrade either head or shoulders to t10 until you get a token. But if you really want it that bad, go for the shoulders as it would be the smallest downgrade.

    Lastly, I must say that I don't really understands your spec, either your holy nor shadow. Why did you spec into 5/5 divine fury but not into serendipity? the only time it can viable to use GH would be when you are at 3 stacks serendipity. Besides that, the point in Silent resolve, Imp. healing and Lolwell, as well spend otherwise.

    Then there is the shadow spec, Is that a pvp or pve spec? either ways it has some lacklusting. If its for pve, I'll say that you'll be in need of some more mana regen. Do this by picking up meditation and vieled shadows (the reduced CD on shadowfiend will often get you to use it multiple times during a boss encouter). Also consider getting 3/3 imp. devouring plague. Those extra points that you'll need could come from shadow affinity, as threath really isn't and issuse (unless your tanks sucks), inner focus, psyic horror and the last two points should be from either imp. VE or Focus mind (this depends on if you need more many or not)

    I hope it was helpfull

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    Re: Emblem of Frost Help

    Meteor Chaser's Rainment, 95

    Purified Lunar's Dust, 60

    Gloves of False Gestures, 60

    Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky, 50

    First, start taking in mind that you'll need to lose the 2p t9 bonus and that the 2p t10 bonus completely sucks.
    Considering you said you'll only do 10men and probably only 10men HC's, you mana regen is way too high for that.
    With these items you'll gain an enormous amount of efficiency stats rather than caring too much about mana preservation.

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    Re: Emblem of Frost Help

    Regarding your gear I think I'm seeing you in shadow gear so i cant really be sure of what you're using

    For your shadow, like Breia mentioned, you are going for psychic horror (very limited raiding use) and yet do not have unbreakable will (must have pvp talent). Like he asks, what spec is it? Yet you dont have imp psychic scream, silence, lack meditation and full points in DP.

    For your holy, I would strongly recommend dropping MA and putting it into something like TOF,BR or serendipity. Even if you were really persistent in taking MA, 15'th point should be in IMP PWS, not the threat talent.

    I presume you dont have PLD yet also so I would also recommend it like Breia says. It's quite decent.

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    Re: Emblem of Frost Help

    There I fixed my specs so we can concentrate on the question at hand.

    Thank you Izenhart for your advice.

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    Re: Emblem of Frost Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    that the 2p t10 bonus completely sucks.

    Its awesome. Considering that GH is pretty much useless now and both Disc and Holy use Flash Heal lots more then we used too the free heal it now gives is great. it can stack upto 3 times too, so it can give 1k+ a tick, so with renew thats like 1k HPS without even really doing much

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    Re: Emblem of Frost Help

    It stacks more than three times. It rolls, like Ignite/Deep Wounds/whatever the Marskmanship thing is, adding new healing and phasing out old healing every tick. If it refreshes between ticks, its tick timer is delayed and new healing is added, so technically it can stack 1100 times assuming you don't go oom while setting it up.

    But. It's RNG. Initial applications are kinda weak until it stacks up, which involves spamming Flash Heal for RNG HoT. Discipline uses Flash heal less than they used to, because with Haste shunting up Greater Heal as a major point of output (as it's awesome).

    Holy uses Flash Heal for times when Renew isn't enough. They are there, but most times you should already have a HoT going, and it's not really adding any output in a raid environment. So no, it's not so awesome Samurai.
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