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    Effects if LFD Tool was removed in 4.2?

    Would it help reinstate at least more World PvP or adds that feeling of a thrill in travelling again..?

    I definitely prefer those times in which we see in an npc in shattrath or dalaran giving off the daily quest and having to travel with the group there, it feels like we are too much pampered.

    Would it help at least bring back that element of an mmo to wow and not having to meet some randoms you will never see and make at least more acquaintance with your server peeps?

    Thoughts? Would people rage or jump in joy ?

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    Rage definitely

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    It won't be and it would never even cross there minds. /thread

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    WAY more people would quit the game, a select few who have the time would _maybe_ like it for a little while.

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    Hate to say it, but removing LFD now would result in infinite ammount of QQ and either loss of subs on a monumental scale, or hasten the return of it within days of it's removal... On the PTR.

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    The game would crash like.. forever

    We don't want that do we!

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    Would result in lots of spam in trade, also it would actually mean less heroics per day since you can then only do each one, one time (with LFG you could do one heroic you were saved on again). Also no one would ever go to the long/hard Heroics because they never have to again. It would take ages to get groups going without a guild since you have to find the group yourself. Most tanks/healer will most likely not want to run on your realm.

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    I'd prolly stop doing heroics/dungeons again...just like back in tbc where i only did raids and BG's.

    I hated spamming /2 to get a group only after 2 hours x.x

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    Id say we take the bullet and sack a few million subs to get a better game.

    Go for it!

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    All of the people who have grown accustomed to / werent playing before the dungeon finder, would quit. Straight up they would quit. Jus the truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeppi View Post
    Would it help reinstate at least more World PvP or adds that feeling of a thrill in travelling again..?
    World PvP is gone primarily because of flight and the fact that PvP in BG's and arena gives rewards while world PvP doesn't. Whether LFD is there or not, it isn't coming back in a serious way until either one of those two facts change.

    'Thrill of travel'? What about going to get a drink while you taxi to the nearest FP and then flying to the summoning stone, only to discover that someone dropped group and you need to go back to Org to spam for a replacement, is thrilling?

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    why should the pve people have to suffer by those hopeless gankers that wil camp entrances?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deschim View Post
    why should the pve people have to suffer by those hopeless gankers that wil camp entrances?
    Why roll on a PvP server if you're afraid of being ganked?

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    Well, the actual LFG or porting to said instance are I think two seperate items.
    No LFG + standing around SW and ORG, /2 LFM, on drake, afk, or whatev's
    No port on the other hand might be an interesting fix. I guess after the initial shock and flailing, we'd be less likely to hear:
    ......ummm, how do I get there, I have always just ported in..
    I think it'd be a split, maybe 30% rejoice, 45% rage, the rest just feel lost or don't care...hmmm maybe 2% (including me), would laugh at the circus show of people struggling to remember how to get around and the pvp lubers going off and the QQ of their many, many victims.

    The one thing about the /2spam for it is that guild bonds are stronger now due to rep and the answer to fail pugs is get in a guild group, so maybe it would be an enhanced /gspam lfg
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    People really need to be grouped according to skill level (or at least gear level, and calculated properly without offset counting).
    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon View Post
    I think this should win some kind of award. I mean, we must now have had one post about literally EVERY SINGLE FEATURE in the ENTIRE GAME which "ruined wow".

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    Hmmm, I have to say, if Blizz would compensate in some ways, like giving people the ability to requeue for exactly the same Heroic, because they would need something... That could actually be nice.

    People would actually get to go to heroics that they know

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    Rage for a week, then people would adapt.
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    Do realm-only BH pugs look a lot like old times without LFD...?

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    The LFG tool was the worst thing they've done in wow imo. It completely killed server community. Used to be i'd hang out in trade, not for barrens chat, but to add to my friend list of tanks and decent dps to do dungeons with, alot of those people i'd give a shout out to to fill raid spots as time went on and many became guild members.

    TOC was horrid, the dungeon finder was along the lines of farm 1-2 year old dungeons to get your endgame tier, and worst of all removed accountability from the equation.

    I refuse to run randoms, on both my priest and shammy healers. (the priest is geared well, as is the shammy) the alts I don't even run, even though i've chanted up the farmer druid and gemmed her nicely. its not worth the pain and the derp factor.

    Was much better and I was more inclined to run a dungeon with a server based group as well, I made and still have friends via it.

    I have not one person on my friend list from the dungeon tool. and i've spoken to none on vent, which used to be the norm back in the early kara attunement days, or even latter alt slabs or arc running. Hell MC raids were done in trade (granted they didnt' clear but ubrs sure as hell was!!)

    Wow lost its sense of community, world bosses are gone. (the five man blue dropping never spawning ones are not kazzak) and looking for derp is just that.

    Remove it. I don't even run in guild unless someones alt really needs it or i'm in the mood.

    I'd run a dungeon with a bud of a bud of a bud I met in trade or saw he knew his shit and wanted to gear a toon and was cool, though.

    I really miss forming server five groups. and...


    its not the same, everyone wants the derp points. and alot of the audience isn't even active in that form of group forming anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine View Post
    Would be a great change, but WOW is so casual that Blizz wont change it.
    Lol yeh man causual = wanting things to be convenient, you so clever.

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