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    How much spirit as disc?

    I know that mp5 is better for regen than spirit as disc, but do you need to forego ALL gear with spirit? Like, would optimal gear pieces be all haste + crit, and ones that lack spirit? I've been a little confused on this reguarding what I should consider BIS and a base spirit level.

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    Re: How much spirit as disc?

    Ignore Spirit. Ignore MP/5. Optimal BiS will have none of either.

    Disclaimer: Use old Holy gear with all Int gems for Lich King.

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    Re: How much spirit as disc?



    Shadow sp/crit/haste gear.

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    Re: How much spirit as disc?

    Shadow likes Spirit about 5 times more than Disc does.

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    Re: How much spirit as disc?

    Ok, I just got a little freaked out seeing the mana regen on my char stats drop everytime I lost some spirit.

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    Re: How much spirit as disc?

    No, you don't need to forego all gear with spirit. Disc gear will be fairly similar to holy gear except disc will lean towards int and crit and holy will lean towards spirit and haste. The main differences will be in gemming and trinkets. But a common misconception is that we should gem all int. We are not holy paladins so don't gem all int, it increases holy paladins spell power, but not ours, and we need spell power. Only gem as much int as you need to not have mana issues, otherwise go spell power. Red gems all spell power, yellow gems spell power + int. Blue use pure spell power unless it's a nice bonus then go spell power + spirit. I guess you could go spell power + mp5 with blue if you prefer. But for regular gear stuff, you don't need to avoid spirit like the plague, just don't need to push for spirit. I would take the holy gear with spellpower, int, spirit, stamina and crit on them over the spellpower, int, stamina, crit, haste because we don't need haste either so spirit > haste imo for disc.

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    Re: How much spirit as disc?

    Ugh. Don't listen to the above. Horrible advise on several levels. You do need haste, ICC only favors pure raid shielding on one fight. You do not need Spirit, it's worse mana regen than MP/5 by a large margin and the only fight you'll have mana issues on is Lich King. Lich King gets special gear due to how that fight works, but the other 99.99% of content doesn't benefit from that gear at all. SP > Haste > Int > Crit > MP5 > Armor Pen > 2h Axe Skill > Spirit.

    Sorry, harky, but just toning that down a bit. I personally didn't want to be reminded of those, and apparently neither did people in my inbox.

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    Re: How much spirit as disc?

    spirit? as little as you can get your hands on


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