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    Hmm, my name came up in here in the original post and well the video that was linked is far from my best work.

    So here is my Youtube channel feel free to surf. Lot's of very old stuff from beta and Vanilla WoW.

    I recommend dembones, gnomevasion and neverland.

    It appears I can't put in any links atm so, just Search DRAACCO's Channel in Youtube and enjoy.

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    lol no drakedog but that douch awgne that no one even knew about when it was relevant?

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    It is much more local but this player made the buzz on the French-speaking community 3years ago. Ulcan rage !
    loose in pvp it's bad for your health... ;p

    If you like French rudeness, this video extends overflows it!

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    Born in Sweden, but im going to move away <3
    I actually did better than mr Angwe lol.

    I love Alamo<3

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