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    Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff [123]

    5 years. The truly awesome. The amazing. The stuff to make your jaw drop.

    1. The Greatest WoW Player Of All Time: If that link is dead try and if that one is dead, too – PM me or something, I finally saved a copy. Guess I should put it up on a blog post to immortalize it.

    2. A Rough Go: the original Leeroy Jenkins video. 4 years and two server-transfers later I think I can finally forgive Ben Schultz and the P4L crew for making my server forums uninhabitable for awhile. Fun original thread too, where they were asking for advice about how to get past that part of UBRS.

    3. Biny's Bomb - Legendary guild leader Biny of <Afterlife> in the Ironforge AH resummoning a pet with the Living Bomb debuff from Baron Geddon WITH ORIGINAL MUSIC as opposed to what you'll find on Youtube where WMG likes to mute videos.

    4. Jack's BWL, Naxxramas, AQ, Sunwell and Naxx 2009 cinematic films:

    5. Corrupted Blood Plague from ZG:

    6. Nogg-aholic & Dopefish movies and EXPLORATION - click Screenshots and scroll down for a fake but pretty believable Pandaren.

    7. The Death of PVP by Paxton [WORLD PVP WILL NEVER DIE - Editor's note]

    8. Durid - Alamo

    9. Paladin - Nikos

    10. Warlock - Kralnor

    11. Shaman - Halbrium's "OH NO WHY IS ANIMALS ON MY FACE?!"

    12. "Code Monkey"

    13. So you're off to BT/Hyjal (A Guide for bads)

    14. Guy gets shot at while playing WoW (crazy pictures):

    15. JOHN ****ING MADDEN:

    16. "Sure, it's your $14.95 a month to play as you want, but in a group it's our $59.80 and we think you're retarded." - Duese, Alleria [?]

    17. The Craft of War: BLIND

    18. Flintlocke's Guide To Maiming Meat That Walks

    19. Illegal Danish 2: Escape from Orgrimmar

    20. 62-second Wintergrasp Win

    21. PVP Balance in WoW - Paper, Rock, Scissors model

    22. Onyxia Wipe Animation

    23. Never Stay Tuned 4 by Olibith:

    24. Paladin Reckoning Bomb - hotfixed within 24 hours Original footage:

    25. Tactical Guide: Tamzin

    26. Scourge Chat Log #1:

    27. "I'm sure you all think you're hilarious in your own space/mind. Get off my internet. kthx" - Tseric

    28. Frost Shooooock!

    29. Blackwing Lair the movie - what really started off the trend of cinematic raid movies and got me going on my "Every Boss In The Game" film;54440

    30. 300 Moonkin by Voodooray

    31. Flexx is going ARCANE POWER!

    32. Orangemarmalade's legendary comeback - possibly the greatest pvp moment in wow history (fun starts around 3:20) ...and the explanation for how he did it!

    33. N E V E R - Ferahgo and Boro proved in 2005 that Druids could pvp - when everyone *knew* they couldn't.

    34. Wings for Hector - one of the best ever wow video series. The Karazhan scene at 02:50ish is the single best fight I've ever seen on video. And that's coming from a guy with ~3,000 downloads on WCM.

    35. Unlimited Escapism and most other stuff by Baron Soosdon even though he's an arrogant, stupid ***hole for saying crap like "Machinima takes effort. PvP videos do not." Dear Baron: Screw that. And your Model Viewer. And yes, I'm aware that you can do crazy stuff on private servers. Don't be mad because you're not good enough to make a good pvp movie.

    36. Faxmonkey's Stupid Mage Tricks, WTFrost, Stupider Mage Tricks, "M" for Monkey etc...

    37. The Adventures of Karlfriend

    38. Buddhist - Insane Gouge Crits, tons of fun, whacky, weird cool stuff

    39. Battle Bots!

    40. Damaged Dreams

    41. Achtung Duskwood by Daya/Abacinate - Warning - NSFW and contains adult humour that many viewers will find offensive. Right-click link and click "Save Link As..." or "Download Link".

    42. Druid who took Hand of Ragnaros at lvl 60 ...and the explanation

    43. In Frost We Trust (hilarious intro, rest is just dam funny)

    44. The Story of The Mage, The Tank and the Commendation of Kael'Thas

    45. Christmas Time in Dun Morogh

    46. The Cleaner cleans house -

    47. ROFLMAO! by Oxhorn

    48. Death & Taxes (R.I.P.) finally defeat The Four Horsemen after two months and see Sapphiron for the first time

    49. Trek in Laid Back Rage 2 - Pure good clean fun entertainment.

    50. Molten Core the Console Game

    51. Robin Torres' cute kid yelling "Gruuunty The Murloc"

    52. Vallejo's Law in WoW

    53. Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape

    54. Boot to the head NEW LINK TO ACTUAL AUTHOR, who turned out to be Shepiwot of the "How To Paladin" series.

    55. 100+ Rogues 4 Minutes by Shadowguard

    56. LOTR meets WoW

    57. Stealth Tauren

    58. Ring of Valor Orgrimmar Arena PvP Event

    59. Grim Path of Blood - greatest gank scene ever at Thunderaan event

    60. Goon Squad Azerothian Airlines

    61. Goon Squad IF bombing

    62. Shard of the Fallen Star trinket lvl 60 spell damage paladin pvp

    63. RTZS Recruitment Video - yeah, a recruiting video made the cut. It's that good.

    64. The World of Roguecraft

    65. How to wipe in Naxx using beer

    66. Doomc's Impossible Pulls by Nightshiver ...Yeah, yeah, whatever, u-huh, mmmyeah, no way he'll pull that off OMFGHOLY****NOWAY.

    67. Ragnaros Speedkill 1:07 with 34 Hunters

    68. Incredible Warrior Tricks series by Swifty

    69. 007kin by Voodooray

    70. Jaina <3 Thrall - the lovers reunited by Goon Squad

    71. TOP GUN ROGUES - AIRGANKING at its finest.

    72. Heroic Anub'Arak FLOWCHART:

    73. How To Feral PVP by Pajay ( a.k.a. Starmist

    74. Orgrimmar by night

    75. YOU FASE Jaraxxus Voletron Remix

    76. Thorim "IN THE MOUNTAINS..." Remix

    77. Rawr

    78. Best commercial (tons of very good parodies on youtube, btw)

    79. Artist Krystina Haggerty ("Tigrin") lost her job, selling icon art for $5. Well worth it.

    80. BBz kites Nefarian screenshot

    81. Gnome Rogues learn to speak Draconic

    82. Rouges are by far the most overpowdered class

    83. How To Do Top DPS in WoW:

    84. "Troll Regeneration must be nerfed."

    85. The Curious Case of Ferraro

    86. Jimmy the Mage

    87. Big Blue Dress Mage song

    88. Rocket Boots movie

    89. CB is vain and arrogant, so sue me. 1h 33min long "Every Boss In The Game (3.0.9)":

    90. Charge, The Movie by Nickster someone with premium needs to download it and put it on youtube, original author lost his HD file.

    91. Indalamar's "Warrior Killrate" from beta (no sound due to WMG)

    92. Tales from the Crypt: Bad LFG experiences There's tons of threads like this all over the place, but this one is short and the best I've seen so far. Let me know if you find better.

    93. PvP movies are a dime a dozen. Funny cool shadowpriest pvp movies are not.

    94. Tfo Korean rank 12 or if you just want to learn an insanely high-skill melee move.

    95. Nerf druids. Original: and Moonfire version

    96. Gameking link TBD.

    97. Free PVP Gear!

    98. Explorer

    99. BANHAMMER (it's my blog and I'll pull attention to whatever I want, mmmkay?)

    100. Pathologist Urge dyF1.6 pioneer of fast-twitch pvp movie editing Uknown III

    101. Lich King ICC25, Ensidia raid banned and some funny stuff from Tigole and Muqq and scroll all the way down on this page:

    102. Boom De Yada

    103. Air Superiority Squadron F*** your afk flying mount.

    104. Alt-F4 Forum CM win

    105. World PVP is [not! - Editor's note] dead by Pizqua. Priceless intro.

    106. Goon Squad world first Tirion Fordring kill

    107. Flowchart Fridays at "I Like Bubbles"

    108. The Unbreakable by Warfox. Warlord-rank 2H Enhancement Shaman with the legendary Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

    109. Classic Alterac Valley. Classic AQ Gates Opening (incl. boss who punts players clear across the zone). Very good Ulduar cinematic preview.

    110. The Most Dramatic Rag Kill...EVER.

    111. Serenity Now Bombs WoW Funeral. WARNING. You may be offended. The person being memorialized may or may not have laughed along with this, as they apparently enjoyed PVP.;feature=fvst

    112. Not-terribly-awesome-rogue meets awesome warlock pet. Rogue head explode.

    113. Tales of the Past - This is your story... by Martin Falch. Huge production, lots of story, acting, lore ...all that stuff.

    114. Classic mage pvp. Funny Steam Tonk Abuse video.

    115. Seduce + nuke warlock hero.

    116. - DPS gear simulator that's VERY easy to use, very smooth, 100% graphical and newbie-friendly. Not as complete as Rawr but much easier to use. As of March 2010 supports DPS DKs, Boomkin, Ferals, Enhancement & Elemental

    117. Wowcrendor's Interactive Horde Onyxia Attunement Chain. Plenty of other good stuff, too.

    118. Stunherald. TBC arena weapon only used by the most skilled of the über-skilled players, and only those who played the highest-skill class, Warriors. Did I mention that using this weapon correctly takes a lot of skill?

    119. Troxed soundboard.

    120. Flexx soundboard. Arcades hates you!

    121. “The amount of fun Blizzard is willing to sacrifice for the lameasses who can’t pick the right realm-types for their toons is saddening.” - loo

    122. Adventures of Karlfriend. Buy Karlchants or get hit with big lead pipe!

    123. Sebudai, Motivational Speaker of Juggernaut, Mal’Ganis

    124. Shut up that damn login-screen dragon roar.

    125. A worthy successor to Dopefish. Do NOT miss his top of Karazhan and Emerald Dream exploration videos.

    126. Diddle tells Paus. Paus creatively uses a game mechanic and is banned for 3 hours.

    127. Last hours of the ORIGINAL beta - Superchicken by Draacco Grim

    128. Best use of trinkets in pvp. Best 60 world pvp movie made since vanilla.

    129. For the OGs amongst us:

    130. OMG. Laser. Cthun.

    131. Remember the guild that got moved to a non-transfer server? Yeah drama baby!

    132. Brutallus the last-tier raidboss of TBC enslaved by explorer hero warlock on the PTR. Mayhem ensues.

    133. Using other players as mounts finally happened. Unfortunately it's not Gnomes riding Tauren.

    134. "60+ Kills in 5 minutes" doesn't sound like much right now. Back before WSG and AV came out that was damn near unheard of, except in organized TM-SS zergs. 10 Alliance ambush a full 40-man raid going from Kargath to MC or BWL in Blackrock Mtn. Due to pvpers usually hanging out in Blackrock Mtn almost all Horde raids assembled in Kargath and rode there together.

    135. The day after Priests got Holy Nova - 20 mages/priests team up for AOE-fest in Alterac Valley.;59794

    136. Hardpacked Snowballs in AV. Too many movies to list.

    I update this list from time to time on my website. But I figured people might enjoy it here too. Plus more people should see all this cool stuff, imo. More people should do world pvp, too. And not just hang out in Dalaran waiting for a queue to pop or go afk on their flying mount til the raid starts.


    p.s. I said I wouldn't update this list on this forum. I was bored. It's maintenance and I missed my Crossfit workout. Meh.

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    Re: delete post



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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    seriously, if someone can point me in the right direction for how to make that wall of OMGMY EYES less ugly and more helpy - please do.

    if you got stuff that you feel is missing, please post a link

    some stuff I've left off on purpose - but I'm a middle-aged grumpy old guy who just doesn't see the point in some stuff.

    feel free to make your own list, no doubt much better than mine

    I won't be updating on this forum, but I will check in for ideas and update on my site unless I get bored of it

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    Lolled at all the flames at angwe @ 1.

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    thank you!

    epic thread is epic

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    Ulduar: In the Mountains (not the Thorium remix)

    An amazing tribute to an amazing instance. Plus, some kick-ass megaman music to boot.
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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    you forgot DRUID BOY CHICKEN WING!!!!!

    now watch me DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    Im rofl'ing so hard im actually crying at the moment at some of these links! Thanks haha

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    Excellent post dude, Props
    Everytime you whine, blizzard lags a server.

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff



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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    I actually cried at The Death of PvP

    Quote Originally Posted by Negridoom
    No. After the Cataclysm there will be an expansion for the zerg, and then an expansion for the protoss.

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    did I miss it, or there was no Drakedog?

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    No Captain Placeholder song?

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    the first 4 where awesome, the last one have only destroyed WoW as we came to know it.
    Now bad players get gear to kill end game bosses and when they fail, they get a 5% extra dmg/healing/etc buff for each week even if it's half a year for the next expansion to come.

    If theres any "veteran" players still after Cataclysm hits I'm 100% sure off that you're addicted to WoW.
    You are blind, can't see how much damage Blizzard have done to once the best mmo of all time.....

    I think I'm speaking for all "pre wotlk" players when I say that when The Lich Kings helm get passed over Blizzard won't get any more money from me.

    EDIT: forgot to say thats it's a good list, but would prefer more Vanilla stuff ^^
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    Called all other games bad and it still pretty much failed in 2 weeks."

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    Nice post, should keep me entertained when I'm really bored.

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    awesome post, but i think athene deserves to be on that list IMO

    /agree to more vanilla stuff, that shit is nostalgic

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by det

    Quote Originally Posted by Daevelian View Post
    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    lol cool list. Like others, bookmarking it :P Time to read the whole page of Angwe!
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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    you need the onyxia wipe animation:
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Supernova: Cause a pulse of Arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards, and knocking them up.

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    Re: Best of WoW - 5 years of cool stuff

    I'd like to thank you for making this post coldbear as it brought back fond memories.

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